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"And the poor attendence at their one hate event shows that there is little non-professional support either." I talked to someone in Tucson who said she knew of a catering company who had been called and asked to provide food at the walk for victims outing. she refused. not only that but she called several other caterers in town and asked them to also refuse. last but not least she attended the Beyond the Myth screening and the PBAD festivities afterwards. :-)
Toggle Commented Oct 31, 2012 on Scale at KC DOG BLOG
For two years I have been saying this...Why do you (pick a pro-BSL person, any pro-BSL person!) get to sit in judgement of me and my pets? It's all the same thing! It's all about finding someone who is an "expert" so that they can sit in judgement of me. It's discrimination against pet owners who happen to like dogs that have blocky heads. BSL has all of the hallmarks of discrimination: no due process, vague descriptions that don't hold up legally, singling out one pet owner out of all of the pet owners just based on the type of dog she prefers, some Government "official" making a decision that he or she has a right to pass judgement on my choice of animal I prefer. It's all the same thing. you're on the right track, if we would start tying it all together we'd be rid of it.
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2012 on What is the higher authority? at KC DOG BLOG
The only way to stop this happening is to fight, fight, fight for your civil rights! Your right to choose the pet you want for YOUR family. Your right to not have the Government tell you what property you can and cannot have. Your right to not have the Government search you and seize your private property. Your rights. Yours! Not the dogs. When we start focusing (as a group) on OUR CIVIL RIGHTS (as dog owners, as US citizens, as Human Beings!!) and how Government is picking away at them slowly surely and bit by bit by legislating what type of DOG we can acquire and keep and how we keep it WE WILL WIN. We need to stop worrying about the "poor dogs" and worry about "poor us - the dog lovers, the pit bulls owners, the CITIZENS"
"Living in Colorado Springs, I know that there are thousands of Lennoxes just an hour up the road. Yet no one is lining the streets in NY to save them." They should be lining the streets of NY protesting the power of Government to seize and control people's private property and to have ANY say whatsoever as to what type of PET people are ~allowed~ to make a part of their family. That's what we should be lining up about.
WHY IS NO ONE SCREAMING AND FIGHTING AGAINST THE OBVIOUS CASE OF TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT POWER? The power to seize private property from citizens?? Where is ANGER, where are the TORCHES AND THE PITCHFORKS?? Why do people allow Government to have this much power???
"I wonder if people who donate to their 501c3 organization realize their money goes towards a "think tank" that sits around and comes up with this amusing drivel" The founder of is a web developer and has her own business. I wonder how many of her CLIENTS know about her wack-a-loon obsession with pit bull owners? I wonder how many of them would continue to do business with her if they did?
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2012 on Political Irrationality at KC DOG BLOG
yep, I love this. I have been using this argument strategy for a while here in Chicago. In Chicago in 2011 there were ~4200 rapes and other violent crimes. there were ~1500 murders. In the same year, there were < 20 injuries "by dog". How is it people get all worked up about the injuries "by dog", generating tens of articles in multiple states, countries, counties, etc. but the guy who was shot with a gun on the street last night is so unimportant that they don't even mention his name in the fifth page coverage he got in the local paper? It's really fun pointing that stuff out to the haters.
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2012 on Political Irrationality at KC DOG BLOG
I am firmly convinced that only by proving how BSL violates our human and civil rights to due process, and the sanctity of our property will we win these battles. You have to fight the battle on the battlefield where the enemy is waiting for you. it is folly to try to bring the enemy to you.
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Mar 3, 2012