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YMMV, they say. I do own 23/1.4 and X-T1. A wonderful combo it is (maybe except for strange effects contre-jour stopped down - this seems to be a much overlooked issue with pretty much all mirrorless systems). Regarding the size though, I much preferred the dimensions of Fuji 35/1.4. There's still room for improvement though - 35/1.4 Nokton or 35/2 Biogon on M6 were my favorite lenses - in terms of IQ and handling. IIRC, both of them had 43mm filter size. Compare this to 62mm required by Fuji's 23/1.4. That's over twice the area. Maybe I should look around for 27/2.8 or at m4/3?
Toggle Commented Feb 9, 2016 on Vile Rumor (Ex-NEX) at The Online Photographer
I went through a lot of systems, digital and film. Some time ago I settled on Mamiya 7 (for landscape), Leica M6 (for street and reportage) and a mix of RZ67 or Large Format for portraits. So, as you see, I'm kind of a film guy. If you want to check the type of output I'm into, here's my Flickr: Nevertheless, I always kept a digital system - mostly for some professional work that required quick results (or high iso) but also for family snapshots. About a year ago I found X-E1. It was the first digital camera that had the output that (sometimes) could match the output I get from film (it is impossible to precisely define what does it means - being more a feeling one gets - or not - when looking at the final image). Over the next year I collected some more lenses (incl. 23 - which I find too bulky) and eventually - X-T1. The viewfinder and form factor totally sold it to me. The control layout is quite decent too (but I would still remove a couple of buttons, if I could). The only practical downsides is that extreme highlight rendition is still nothing like on a negative film (but I haven't yet seen a digital that can compete with that) and AF, while vastly improved, is still not as quick as that of e.g. D700. It's ages ahead of any DSLR I can think of though. I'm actually surprised they still sell them so well. I personally hated their bulkiness and issues with AF calibration (which contrast-detect systems are pretty much free of). I guess I could be happy with E-M1 too. At the time I went Fuji though, there was only E-M5 available - terribly overpriced in Poland in comparison to Fuji (and now it's the case with E-M1 as well).
Toggle Commented Jul 4, 2014 on Fujifilm X-T1 Opinions? at The Online Photographer
It seems that it is some sort of cliché. Jacques Chirac official portrait was shot in front of Palais de l'Élysée as well. Here is another breakdown (with the mentioned picture as well): In any case, "Film is not dead" movement got another strong contribution. Love it! I start wondering who will be the first president with official portrait shot using Holga...
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2012 on Old Ways at The Online Photographer
Mike, you can use any of these images: (And if you would like to, I can make any kind of picture of the camera... that is excluding some special effects, like setting it on fire, drowning, stuffing it with brie, etc.) I just imagined this would look quite surreal to put the Chamonix on a plate, among a choice of French Cheeses...
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May 6, 2012