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It turned into a PR nightmare. All they had to do was have the banner clearly say CVN 72, and it disarms the issue.
Toggle Commented May 2, 2008 on Mission Accomplished? at BlackFive
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Sorry, gotta disagree with you on two point. First, it's a travesty to put O'Rielly and Rush in the same class of blowhard. They are both blowhards, to be sure, but O'Rielly just says goofy shit and acts like a jagdork to get ratings. Rush is consistent in his schtick. Second, I could call Rush's show and claim to be a soldier, advocating for this or against that - and that will not make me a soldier. Rush's reference was clearly to Jesse MacBeth and others, with fake or embellished service records, that the MSM manages to find and interview. And to callers to his and other shows, who claim to be things for which there can be no real proof (other than having someone wise in the ways of the military screen the callers).
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2007 on Rush Limbaugh owes a huge apology at BlackFive
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