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Thanks for the awesome tip Drew - simple yet effective :)
Stupid question, no doubt... What was supposed to happen? I mean, what was the actual campaign Skittles launched that spawned this sophisticated little number?
Nice spot Drew. I've been 'off the grid' for a week, but have been using the new Foursquare today. Firstly, it's now so easy to spot specials and your own To Dos that I've already discovered somewhere new today that was always on my doorstep, but I didn't know was there (Hummus Bros - awesome). And secondly, I'm going to join you and experiment - when not special hunting, I'm going to stick to my social graph. I look forward to seeing how you get on.
Hi Drew - I love the pioneering spirit! But I wonder what you may discover with this experiment. The concept of whitewalling seems very straightforward, and I'd worry that you'll lose off-Facebook benefits like quick logging-in and (particularly as I like movies) seeing what my friends have liked on Rotten Tomatoes. But I look forward to hearing about your experience, particularly if you discover unexpected benefits such as your friends actually asking what you've been up to next time they see you!
Daniel, I support what The Times is doing. Giving content away for free is not a sustainable business model. I also think that, where The Times leads, many in the industry will follow. As you say, The Times is setting a modest price for what it provides. And, those who buy the paper each day have already proven, in their hundreds of thousands, their willingness to pay £1 per day for it. But you may wish to reconsider your plan to tweet links to stories once the paywall goes up. Twitter is excellent for many things, but encouraging people, who have only a loose relationship with you on that platform, to click (or tap) through to stories they cannot immediately read will only draw their ire. They won't thank you for it. They may stop following you, in which case you will lose the excellent benefits of direct engagement with an audience that are conferred by Twitter. I personally believe that, in time, The Times will come to see the value of information spreading virally, and take steps to harness that by offering some content for free. As both you and Mike Masnick say: we will find out. P.S. if you want to engage with me on Twitter, please don't hesitate to do so at
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May 28, 2010