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As we've got a four year old girl, we've just been researching alternatives to Barbie. And we ended up going for Groovy Girls. Ragdolls - so not poseable - but with changeable clothes, more realistic body shape and much better mix of (alternative/crazy) fashions, hobby/job sets (the Groovy Girl drum kit, tent and sleeping bag and snowboarding outfits are particularly going down a storm here). A bit less self-consciously alternative than Monster High.
Toggle Commented Aug 25, 2011 on Delilah Noir at Wonderland
Can I just throw in a shout-out to Heavy Rain? Taken in isolation, the sex scene in that game looks lumpen and awkward, but I found the approach towards it in game handled deftly and brilliantly. The burgeoning romance is lightly done - and when it came time for the kiss (the choice that, if taken, leads towards the sex scene), I found myself backing away from it thinking "no, too soon, too soon"!
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2011 on Dirolab at Wonderland
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Mar 18, 2011