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PMS Atwater has suggested that the aftereffects are what should be used to classify an NDE as an NDE, not the actual closeness to dying or severity of one's medical condition. I wish more effort would be put into studying the aftereffects of NDEs. I was told by a researcher that 19% of NDErs have reported PK occurrences, roughly 2 in every 10. That same researcher told me that he has never had an NDEr into his lab for PK testing.
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OT, but perhaps of interest to some, is an article that mentions a child having a premonition about the recent tragedy in Newtown: (I've noticed that signing in through twitter changed my name at the bottom of my posts. I usually sign in as Sandy).
"I didn't realize that if I ever encountered near-indisputable evidence of afterlife communication, it would be so internally shocking. After all, I "believed" in the afterlife before I started." I think anyone who does readings must be very brave, because it can elicit some very strong reactions. I did an "accidental" reading of someone about a year ago. I call it "accidental", because as a rule I don't tell people when I see ghosts, not even parapsychological researchers who might be very open to the idea of survival. I was talking to a researcher on skype and saw someone walk past in the room behind him. I had assumed I was seeing a living person and asked the researcher if he had family visiting for the holidays. He started asking me what I thought were "dumb" questions at first... what did the person look like, how was he dressed... stuff like that. It took me a minute to catch on that the researcher was alone in that room as far as he could see. That conversation changed things. We were supposed to be talking about PK, not ghosts. And then that researcher found out that his deceased son was in the room with him. If he had asked me for a reading, I would have refused. I don't do readings. But I wonder if he needed one enough that things just happened the way they did.
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Dec 30, 2012