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First rule about families is that they know where you sleep. Don't screw with your own family, they know where you sleep. Explain this to the offender. Explain to the offender that he is an offender. The Army teaches you to kick jerks in the nuts. The Navy teaches you that you have to sleep sometime, and it will be someplace I have or can get access to. Now the point of the exercise needs to be a de-escalation, because you want his actions to stop, not get more guarded in their execution. Show him the receipt for the box of razor blades you bought with cash from Harbor Freight. Then burn the receipt in front of him. Then tell him you have razor blades on your person and do not wish to be touched now or in the future without permission. There are a lot of variations on the indirect threat, but what you are trying to accomplish is an understanding on his part that you do not accept impositions on your person. You acknowledge that you do not have the physical skills to counter his expertise, but you are willing to infringe on his security in a different way than he is yours. Try not to do any damage unless you absolutely have to, and try to make the initial damage as trivial as possible with room for a resumption of normal relations once he pulls his head out of his ass and respects your space. Change the pattern, change the behavior.
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I have a lot of respect for the Marines, my father was one, so I know a service that produced Rev. Dr. (Retired Corporal) Tommy J. Lasswell can be smart. Jumping out of an Osprey is the smartest thing I've ever seen a Marine do. They should change the designation to MV-22B Widowmaker or SGLIBankrupter.
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Last Monday I had a maniac point a shotgun at me in my front yard and I've had a lovely time since with bad dreams, but things are getting better. (Original story blogged here: ) I'm dealing with it by talking about it with my friends and blogging the event. My wife's initial reaction that night was practical and effective though, she handed me a shot of bourbon and had me play on the computer until the adrenaline wore off. When my father came back from Korea, a WWII veteran of Carlson's Raiders talked him down, but he was messed up about it for years. Forty-five years after the war fireworks could cause a serious reaction, but he learned to deal with it over the years. The time he was in Heathrow when the IRA mortared it was a serious problem, though. Post Traumatic Stress is something that can be dealt with, but a lot of people just don't know what it is, and accept the movie definition. This is a lot like taking the movie definition for global warming as a baseline.
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