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Notable that HR202 actually requires all TriMet employees posting anything anywhere (Flikr, Facebook, any blog, any online article comments section, any Yahoo or Google Group etc.) to accompany any post they make that references any aspect of Trimet with a disclaimer. This entire policy - save those aspects specific to use of TriMet resources (computers, etc.) is illegal, unenforceable - and unconstitutional.
Why would feel "judged or inspected" by the bus driver as you enter and pay your fare? Do you feel "judged or inspected" when you buy a ticket to a movie? Pay the cashier for your groceries? Not understanding this part.
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Great analysis - I agree completely. Expecting a municipality to act responsibily during times of weather emergency is one thing. Expecting the impossible is quite another. Thanks for the reality check on this one. -jw
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Jul 31, 2010