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Traci Ruble, Psychotherapist
San Francisco, CA
I am a psychotherapist and sit out on city streets and listen to people.
Interests: Truth. Thinking outside the box. Trees. Ocean. My family. Self acceptance.
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This is an older post but MAN did I find this serendipitously on a day where I quite literally felt the heartache of not being understood and the loneliness. I said, "Man I look like quite vanilla but nothing about what I believe about how we live life is vanilla and it is lonely. I don't mother vanilla, I don't do therapy vanilla and I certainly don't do work vanilla." Will be reading your book on vacation. If you want to see my NON vanilla project where we are getting therapists to sit out on city streets to listen out there in the public check us out. - this project has brought so much meaning and made me take some of my own medicine around listening.
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Jul 5, 2016