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I went to a presentation once (I don't remember who was giving it - I maybe wasn't blogging at the time) who said the role of the academic "was to have interesting conversations". When I asked what I do, I'm usually stuck for an answer ("Play with web toys" is the flippant default, or maybe "paddle in the future that's around us"); but it seems to me that as a "knowledge worker" having interesting conversations comes pretty close... though I suppose at the end of the day, interesting things or changes to the way people do things should result from those conversations? (ie the conversations need "outcomes"..?!;-) As to people as a resource, I think that quite often people are most useful as resources for "point tasks" - i.e. 5 minutes to an hour of their time can save you that many times over... But if you spend you whole day helping people out with 5 minute-1 hour tasks, maybe over coffee, and someone asks what it is that you do, the answer is probably hard to find...? "Had a few interesting conversations", maybe...?
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Aug 4, 2010