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You are correct Sakis. I think that a lot of artists forget about post-release promotion. Your promotion and marketing efforts have to be balanced. I value the knowledge that Laura provided.
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Great post Bruce, I like the Artist as a Friend explanation. It appears that fans value transparency and artists who are open. This statistic stood out to me. 91% say it’s OK if an artist has some flaws – it makes them human and likeable.
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This is an awesome post David! I always preach the importance of showing appreciation. Showing appreciation means that you actually take the time to research where you are submitting your music to. I usually structure my emails in a similar fashion. The first paragraph is always about the recipient. The second paragraph is the pitch and I always include a streaming link (SoundCloud, Bandcamp, AudioMack etc). Thank you for your awesome music marketing tips and strategies!
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Apr 30, 2013