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YES! YES! YES! Every single thing you just wrote (whoever you are, who wrote this blog entry) is what I was thinking when I read Jason Robert Brown's recap of his Sondheim conversation. In fact, I came to your blog from a thread on Facebook that was discussing the original JRB blog, and here's what I wrote in that thread: ----- I started writing a comment last night, and then my computer froze (symbolic?!?); I,personally, totally disagree with that paragraph paraphrased from Sondheim. I, personally, don't EVER want someone to tell me they loved my work if they didn't. I don't ever want to be lied to. I don't ever want to be encouraged or coddled or warm-fuzzied EVEN if it's opening night of my magnum opus. I am a glutton for harsh criticism - seriously. This might be because my baseline emotion is "vicious self-loathing", and it often feels refreshing to have a different voice rip me to shreds instead of my own...but whatever the reason, I really get no benefit from compliments or gushing praise, and I really REALLY would not want to be hearing those things if what my friends authentically felt was that my work was a train wreck. And because of all of this, I would never be angry at someone who didn't like what I created. I'd be interested, I'd be curious, I'd want us to talk, but angry? No way. It's not rude to have an opinion. It's not rude to have artistic tastes. It's called "being engaged and thinking critically." Sheesh. ----- Everyone else in the thread though JRB's post was thoughtful and wise. I felt like some kind of freak. Thanks for not leaving me out there all alone. :)
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Nov 1, 2012