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Jesus I missed this. Welcome back!
To extend the WW2 theme..."Where is Phil Carpenter...the world wonders" (Adm Nimitz to Adm Halsey) Get well quickly. The right is on a rampage
Take it what they tell you then get your ass back here.
I'm moving to San Antonio from PA. right now i'm in Bulls Gap, TN. Beat to your mom and hope you survive Trump
The right has a genius for scapegoating the poor especially blacks
Not a big donation, but I love a guy who uses words the way a Jedi Knight uses a light saber....
Toggle Commented Oct 3, 2016 on It's that time at The Carpentariat
Known as leading from behind
Trump is incompetent. He was racist towards a federal judge, and took an opportunity on world wide TV. duirng on of the momentous days in history to talk about his golf course. He lies to people who know he's lying to them. He's the Joe Isuzu of politics
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Adobe is to software what Comcast is to cable.
Unfortunately a Democratic house would be short lived, wiped out in the following by election where Dems don't vote and the GOP has gerrymandered voting districts. It's nice to dream, though!
They need voter ID laws...
It seems many of BS's supporters are looking more for self validation of their cause than they are for the political realities. They honestly believe there's going to be a mass middle class uprising. And they're wrong.
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2016 on The Iowa dispute drags on at The Carpentariat
Love your stuff. You're well informed, educational, and have an absolutely wicked sense of language! Keep up the hard work...much appreciated. Happiest of New Year to you and your family.
Yeah I've been kicked off National Review online and Walter Russell Mead's pages for daring to question those who said Obama is a leftwing communist Jewish homosexual pornographer, or something.
The GOP is like a herd of jackals, ingesting inedible and vile things, regurgitating them, then moving on to the next disgusting sample. It will be interesting to see which bit of vomit they decide to make their candidate.
I'm just a dumb chemical engineer. I have a fleeting familiarity with poetry and other literature. Yet there's a magic in Shakespeare's language that makes learning Elizabethan English worth it. Perhaps there's a place for this, side by side with the original. But it's kind of like the remakes of classical movies. Never the same. Never as good.
You mean the Dem cowards who realistically looked at the NRA terrorist influence? Perhaps you need medical care provided by OBAMACARE!!
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2015 on Oregon's turn, Part II at The Carpentariat
I can't be killed in a car accident? Who knew!
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2015 on Oregon's turn, Part II at The Carpentariat
Dave is so cute in his pigtails and li'l pink country dress, hiding the lies about guns. If the lies weren't covered in blood it would be downright precious.
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2015 on Oregon's turn, Part II at The Carpentariat
What's equally evil is the mendacious statements and cult beliefs the gun nuts have erected as roadblocks to any rational gun control. It's insane. But given that the GOP is the ONLY major western party that thinks the poor should die, and global warming is a hoax, we kind of know how they think and how they lie
Dave needs to learn to use his words. Remember mommy taught you that? Cars have ACCIDENTS. Guns are used for MURDER. When I get in my car I decide to risk my life. But gun owners arbitrarily decide to make me assume the risk for their cult beliefs There's a difference. use your words!
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2015 on Oregon's turn, Part II at The Carpentariat
Let's face it. The logical response would be to repeal the obsolete 2nd amendment. There is no reason to keep it and it's blocking rational gun control. We're a nation of myth believers. We have all kinds of myths about the way the world works and how powerful we are. Very few of them are true. And the 2nd is a killer myth.
The right seems livid that we're missing a chance for another Vietnam.
If the electorate were at all informed instead of delusional, the GOP would be polling in the low single digits. They'd be only that high because insane asylums still have landline phones.
Pat Robertson at a nudist colony? can't unsee THAT sentence...