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Your post really struck a chord! Nothing like the rush of new yarn in the mail! For all that rush, all that newness is tempting & frightening at the same time, kind of like a blank page, or blank canvas. The heaviness of possibility makes up step aside to consider it all before we take the plunge of taking up the needles and the yarn! But what a delicious selection of colors you have. And they should look scrummy done up in something fair isle. I just came across your blog two weeks ago--it is a delight! You make beautiful things, and write much food for thought. Thanks for sharing so much! Happy Days! :o)
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2006 on Only a Yak Would Know at knit and tonic
Miss Tippy-Toes is soooo beautiful! (Great name too!) Cats are splendid creatures, I have one--my furbaby! LOL! And the mouse is adorable too! Just had to write a little comment. I came across your blog a month ago, and just had to say THANKS for what you share here! You make such fun creations! Happy Days! :o)
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2006 on Can you hear it ? at My Weblog
That's such a beautiful picture you have today! Your pictures are always so charming. Do you use a special camera? And that coffee looks pretty good too! LOL! Hi, I'm PinkPurl! I've been thrilling to your blog since I came across it in January. And I just wanted to take a moment to finally write, getting shyness out of the way, and say THANK YOU for the world you share and the splendid things you create! You've been such a big inspiration to me. And with such inspiration, I am now just beginning a journey to make a pipedream possible toward becoming a textile artisan. Anyway, I so enjoy tuning in here every day. Keep doing that beautiful thing you do! Oh, and I can relate to the not knowing which day of the week it is--been like that all week myself! LOL! Just think--almost the weekend! Take care! HAPPY DAYS! :O)
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2006 on Coffee for One at Posie Gets Cozy