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The Edge of Night!
Perhaps, netflix should allow customers to add tags to movies (ala flickr) and allow customers to meta-moderate the tags (ala SlashDot). They could enlist there community todo the work this way. Maybe they could give an extra free-by-mail-dvd rental each week or months by draw (1 chance - 1 unique movie tagged by a customers). Abusers (noted by tag meta-moderation) could just have there tagging rights revoked.
Roku + Netflix + Hulu Pro + OTADIGITAL ATTENNA + VCR - CABLETV = (Awesome and Cheap)
"Of coure after I hit post something did occur to me. I suppose for those that want to dump cable/satellite altogether then H-Plus does serve a limited purpose..." You got it. Even Hulu Plus + NF at $20/month + an OTA DVR is a lot cheaper then $70 for Cable TV. Add in Boxee to scrape other stuff...and you are set. This is what I am setting up right now. I am just waiting for Hulu Plus on Roku.
I believe the linked article was updated. Netflix is at 20% of total use, not 20% of total capacity. There is a big difference.
I am just about ready to drop cable. They is Roku (Netflix streaming + Hulu Plus + Pandora) + OTA DVR. So, $10/month vs $60/month. As soon as Hulu Plus shows up on my Roku, I will start converting over.
For $5/month, I would sign up in an instant.
Toggle Commented Oct 27, 2010 on Hulu Plus Getting a Price Cut? at Hacking NetFlix don't pay for Hulu Plus but you get to view Hulu and Hulu Plus content?
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Oct 23, 2010
The first time I read Robb's GG concept it made me think of a line from Dune (as I remember the line anyways): "He who can destroy a thing, controls the thing".
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Sep 30, 2010