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Honestly, having you as a boss is the main cause of my "low people" score! Can I go back to my office now?!?!?
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Great blog as always - So true on all counts, but most specifically the impact on the reputation of our profession, as well as undermining their own credibility with the way they have handled this. They have just completely undermined the profession they are here to support. I guess no one at SHRM bothered with the basics of the change mgmt process? I feel the worst for the newest members of our profession. I have my SPHR, and I've earned my seat at the "adult" table because of the value I've worked with my team to bring to our organization, our culture and our clients. But as a newer HR professional, getting your PHR demonstrates your commitment to the field to ensure you have knowledge of the depth and breadth of HR regs, ethics, etc. If you were already prepping for testing, I would say do it, because for right now, that is still an industry standard. Any many HR pros will still be using this as hiring criteria until more information on whatever this new process is rolls out. I am a firm believer in the recertification process because laws, regs, etc., are ALWAYS changing and as leaders, we should be in a constant learning process, whether it's formal training or finding the right HR blogs where you get consistent information you can use effectively for your own culture. Ironically enough, I JUST received my recertification in the mail TODAY from HRCI. It will be interesting to see how this continues to plays out, but I'll be keeping my SPHR regardless of what other exams they decide to throw our way.
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May 16, 2014