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Dominique Purtell
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Wow! what an amazing adventure! nice blog wendy woo! and some stunning photos! isn't the south coast just beautiful! well hope your sunburn settles soon and we can hang out so i can catch up on your life so far in 0-11!! (and the last bit of 0-10!!) Great to hear you're doing so well.. love dom xxo
bahahaha!! sparkling chandonnay in a can! wow.. you'll have to show ma and pa that one! love their chardy's!! and i love that you can still play 10pin bowling.. and W, i'm unaware of a tim pin past.. hey Guys, cheers for the postcard!! enjoy! xo
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Apr 4, 2010
hey travellers!! these photos and stories are amazing!!! love the crazy panda and fish pond in this series!! And i love that you both te crazy foods on a stick! ie. centepede + scorpian.. crazy! looks like you guys are having an amazing time. loved the photos of Tianerman square and the great wall.. well keep the posts coming! just got back from central coast (Avoca) with ma, pa and soph! was lovely.. beach there is so serene.. well kids i'm off to do some more annual leave relaxation! your plants are still happy!! take care.. lots of love, dom xo
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2010 on Woohoo, Chengdu! at China on a Wim
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Apr 4, 2010