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Mike, As a software developer for Macs, PCs and Linux who is employed by a PC maker, I would advise you to stick with the Mac unless you like managing hardware and system software as a hobby. The learning curve for switching and the cost of moving data are not worth any performance or cost advantages. Win7 is the best Windows system yet, but I personally find OSX better anyway. I do recommend that you buy the performance that you need today within the Mac line. If a computer irritates you because it is too slow or too noisy, you won't be productive. For most of what I do, the macMini has plenty of performance, and I love how quiet it is even with the hard drive. I suspect that IPS technology will continue to decline in price rapidly, so I would not spend $1K on an IPS monitor today. I'd look at using two monitors to get screen size. The 23" IPS monitors are enticing. I run my mac Mini with dual 19" TFT monitors at 1280x1024 each and the configuration works well.
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Sep 30, 2010