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The problem of Congress exempting itself from HCR is compelling and the great big secret. No one is pushing it. This could be the defining issue to drive the public to stop this bill. It could cause a polling revolt. If the Republicans were not such cowards, they would demand the legislature be subject to the same health care choices as the rest of the citizens. The servants would lose their insurance and be put in the same pools as us lowly masters, subject to the same costs. The Republicans should cite and expose exactly what health care benefits congress and the senate gets, naming it the Rolls Royce of health insurance- the gold standard, while criticizing and slamming HCR for us as the Yugo on blocks. If the Republicans were not such cowards, they would remind the Democrats they are all servants of the people. Servants do not own a Rolls while masters are forced to walk. But the Republicans are cowards. That is why we will get the Yugo on blocks.
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2010 on Dan Riehl: There needs to be outrage at sisu
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Mar 13, 2010