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Hey, I know all those people!!! ...They are all over the place here in the US. To be honest, there is nothing unordinary about these people. We are a pretty "black and white" group of people and the quotations that go with the pictures above can easily be heard in our media and on the street. I'm an American from the southern state of Tennessee. I don't live there anymore but, I assure you, one can easily find each and every one of these persona-types depicted above where I grew up. I'm in DC now. I'm just glad they didn't put the Washingtonians in the mix... : ) Are these photos stereotypes? Maybe. In any case they are quite typical of what you will find in the USA. We are not, and do not claim to be, a nuanced people. In fact, many people will go as far as putting stickers on their cars and wearing t-shirts with slogans to make sure others don't misinterpret "who they are." I therefore have no problem with publication of these images and their accompanying quotes. Does it feed the European's negative view of Americans? Sure, if they don't like or agree with what these images represent. But, in many ways, this is who Americans are. From the democrats, republicans, LaRouche fanatics on many of American campuses, to the bible-thumping born-again churchgoers, to the ultra-liberal free-market proponents, the pro-lifers, the hipsters... you can find them all here in their rather extreme glory. If a European comes to the US, rents a car, and goes to the wal-marts, gun shops, country clubs, and prisons in search of America, he is bound to find these characters along his war. How could he not? Of course the people in the photos are surely more complex creatures that what one might think on first glance, but that by no means makes the photos any sort of radical distortion.