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Yes, Stephanie, I agree 100% The finger pointing at the moon. Not the finger and not the moon.
There are, unfortunately, many addictions the cure to which cannot be abstinence. Food addictions come to mind, as well as sex addictions. Those of us who have been addicted to substances are lucky to be able to simply stop them altogether. I have a friend who likes to say that she is "addicted to unconsciousness," and that she uses food, shopping and sex to feed that addiction. At the end of the day, all of these diagnoses are tropes for things we over-indulge in to our detriment and continue to over-indulge in even when the results are contrary to our well-being. I know there's also brain chemistry involved, but the key I think is not science, so much, as it is spiritual. And when I say spiritual I mean non-material or simply "of the spirit" as in the spirit of love, of community, of a higher purpose than ourselves, etc.
Ask ANY random woman . . . there ARE no "normal" heterosexual men (we love 'em, but they are never NORMAL). Added to which ~ does anyone think any self-respecting gay man would jump at the chance to get his hands on the vast majority of American male airline passengers? Check out the line next time you're in any American airport. Then come to West Hollywood to check out the talent.
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Yay!! Mark's back!! Thanks for letting us know, Bruce.
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It's karmic, of course, for the most humane legal blogger to become the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Humane Society. No matter where you go and what you do, you will be raising the net consciousness of the planet, doing for other animals that which you've been doing for the primates (us) so faithfully, generously, articulately, intelligently and heartfully for so long. We will sorely miss Deliberations but I don't think we'll have to miss you. I see the Wisconsin Humane Society operating on the leading edge of web 2.0 before year 2010 is over. And yes, I'm pulling out my credit card right now to make my last donation of 2009 this morning.
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Nov 24, 2009