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Croydon NSW
Old man with illusions of grandeur
Interests: War gaming, Arguing with Paul, Eating Cinese Food, Cooking, Programming computers
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Nice terrain
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2019 on Molongolo Gorge at Remembering PRESTAGS
I have long loved the simplicity of PRESTAGS: learn one - play them all - but have hated the way quality equates to stacking levels. it is so hard for a side to win when stacking levels are against them. Marathon is an exception - while the Greeks have superior... Continue reading
Posted Oct 26, 2019 at Remembering PRESTAGS
We should go there next time Tobias is in Canberra.
John Michael Young must be squirming in his grave over the trivial self-documentation we flood this memory with. We should be doing this on facebook!
Toggle Commented Oct 22, 2019 on Grilled Cheese on Muffins at Remembering PRESTAGS
One of the few times I have been approached by a woman not selling anything!
Why no egg? Why no bacon? Why to tomato sauce? Why bother getting up in the morning at all?
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2019 on Simple But Effective at Remembering PRESTAGS
Sitting Python says (while standing), earn your brownie points, verify your clothes fit, choose your 12 best lens to bring, and prepare mentally (for the questions you will ask to probably test your brother). Don't wait until the last minute to ask your boss and partner for Monday off. 52... Continue reading
Posted Sep 28, 2019 at Remembering PRESTAGS
I restarted the scenario with my new learnings of what to do and what to avoid. This time I got quite close to a historical result - the Persians were largely driven off and the Western Empire is in shambles. This was not the result of any game balance -... Continue reading
Posted Sep 21, 2019 at Remembering PRESTAGS
Painting the nude was always considered the great challenge. Medieval artists preferred St Sebastian whereas from the Enlightenment onwards, girls and women were preferred. In the age of photography, making the art is easy. Escaping the censors is the challenge. I expect you all to enjoy this post censorship photo... Continue reading
Posted Sep 21, 2019 at Remembering PRESTAGS
This was a P500 from GMT: I ordered last year for the March FMW that never happened.
Interesting bit of history. I am glad he stood up against censorship - it is a great evil and those who most oppose it most practice it!
My first thoughts were: "Hmmm, a bit light on". Where is the geographic features, where are the trade goods, where is Gaul, Brittania, The Black Sea or Persia, where are the phalanxes, legions or triremes? You are presented with a map of the Mediterranean, lots of little discs (50 each)... Continue reading
Posted Sep 17, 2019 at Remembering PRESTAGS
Some people think what you eat is the key factor in health. That is anti-scripture. What you do is far more important. That is scriptural. Continue reading
Posted Sep 16, 2019 at Remembering PRESTAGS
A turn would be preferable to this high censored post.
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2019 on Security at Remembering PRESTAGS
It was originally a picture of Spetz's head, but the censorship cabal got to the blog and swapped with a random photo. At least the cabal have run out of boat photos!
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2019 on Emptiness at Remembering PRESTAGS
Nice work. What is the streak in the sky?
That is true. I forgot to warn you about that. Orientation has been broken for a long time. Probably the forgot to install Image Magick on the server.
I saw this in a P500 list early last year and thought "Perfect for an FMW". After all, who does not want to be Troy and drive a shaft deep inside the Wooden Horse! What looks intriguing is that we can all ally and play the system! Counter of the... Continue reading
Posted Aug 27, 2019 at Remembering PRESTAGS
Up down Up FUQn down One more Continue reading
Posted Aug 25, 2019 at Remembering PRESTAGS
Show, not tell
Toggle Commented Aug 25, 2019 on Of The FMW - Five Quintrains at Remembering PRESTAGS