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I agree it would be best if TripIt were able to pull data from travel suppliers directly at the request of a traveler. The Auto Import sounds interesting but I have two concerns: 1. Like the other poster, I'm not sure if by enabling this TripIt can read any and all emails in my Gmail account? I don't think TripIt would be doing this, but yet still somehow this is a concern that TripIt can now access all my Gmail; and 2. How smart is the system for handling when email confirmations for changed travel plans are sent in either before or during a trip. Right now overall its not that efficient at all to change TripIt itineraries. I'm constantly flying standby, upgrading, and otherwise making day of departure changes. TravelTrackerPro by SilverWare software partially lets you make these changes on the fly, but still, TripIt is not really built well to handle changing itineraries quickly and efficiently say when you board the plane and there are 2 minutes left before they close the door.
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Sep 7, 2010