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Interests: golf, fishing, church growth, and fathering, technology
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In the context of your question, of a great Christian leader wanting to inquire about the United Methodist Church, I would hire this person. Find this person a place on staff to explore ministry in a United Methodist setting. After saying that, I am not saying that anyone should forgo ordination. I believe that the call to ministry is both inward and an outward. I believe that the United Methodist Church has one of the best processes for exploring the outward call to ministry. Please understand that this is a process and people slip through or take advantage of a process, but I believe that this process allows one accountability, growth and potential to a great fit in ministry. The outward call has to be answered by the church. The church has to ordain those whose receive an inward call. The churches job is to make sure that the inward call is a true calling from God, not just a feeling from some bad mexican food from the night before. The United Methodist process of ordination, though not for everyone, confirms the inward call. As for ministry in the United Methodist Church, I believe that potential and leadership is recognized in the conference I serve. Our conference is starting new churches and implementing church health. You are not the only one asking these question and I think that we are in exciting times for the United Methodist Church, that I want to be a part. We are on a new frontier, where other denominations are licking the wounds and holding on to their guns for survival. The United Methodist Church, through leaders like you, are trying to move forward, but we are an institution and charge is twice as hard.
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Mar 15, 2010
it's true, yall!
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thanks dave.
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Guido, There is a difference of facing something with confidence and being uncomfortable, it is a delicate balance. If you can join a gay bowling league with confidence, go for it. You will be meeting them where they are. I would not recommend Texas Hold’em in a gay bar. The ”Hold’em” might be understood.
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This sounds like a great sermon series, i.e. The grass is greener or fences. You would have to post this after I receive a job offer this morning. Thanks for your perspectives.
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