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Thanks for taking us through this little journey you took. It was very interesting to see the progression throughout your shooting with a different rig and how it affected (or didn't) the way you shot. The first shots are a little further away, but as you progressed and tested the "hear-shot" of the new set-up, you got in closer, but all the shots are still in your style. Very nice. The best part of the whole thing, for me, is that you tested a new set-up in the shots with DOF charts or a brick wall...sure, you probably missed a few shots because of the new, but nothing makes you learn better than working in the flow, even if those missed shots stick in your mind (or that might just be me). Hopefully we can hear a little about how NIK Silver EFX works into this setup...not really the details and settings, just how it changes or affects making shots look like you envisioned. Cool stuff, man.
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Nov 10, 2010