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I eat paste.
Interests: Compounded daily
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According to my short Twitter bio: I fill out web forms. I work for VCE. I advise AwayFind. I enjoy life. I play guitar. I think. I blog. I breathe. I am. This assumes eventual consistency.
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2011 on An Invitation: Who Are You? at Chuck's Blog
Joe, That's a great demo. I almost didn't believe it. I can already imagine the impact and promise this would have for teaching kids if you could make paper wrist watches that contain those same logos or something like it (2D/QR). Just showing simple field and proximity relationships to impart physics concepts would be very interesting. Imagine the kids in the room being able to play the part of chemically reactive areas, substrates, point charges, magnets, etc.... very very cool. Thanks!
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I remember your SXSW interview -- but not the interview as much as the responses to the interview. It was my first SXSW. It was a meta moment. I also remember seeing one of your videos 4 months ago, commenting on Twitter to you, and you actually responding about 9 hours later (per I'm nobody. Clearly, you are on your game in that you took the time to reply to a random Twitter. +1 Karma and what not... Then there was the whole VP "sarahcuda" thing. When the VP selection hit and the press pulled out the nickname -- it hit me. I realized that my mind already had one "sarahcuda" in it. Those pesky political reporters. Perhaps your "sarahcuda" will have longer staying powers than a recent VP candidate in areas and markets that matter in monetary terms. So, I'm thinking this tweet is applicable if you keep it up... Going from a partially hostile crowd to an adoring sea of fans at the same venue takes a few years in music time. I think high crowd polarization in early careers might be a sign of grander future successes. Maybe you can chart that in years of Internet time?
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