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Kevin Murray
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Hey Tim! Thanks for your blog link! I have seen the street car footage of San Fran 1905 before.. it leaves me with two thoughts: 1. Everyone in that footage is now dead. The lesson: everything is temporary, a-la Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians. So yes: have a second helping of cake! Before the meteor hits. 2. Those people passing by unaware have been photographed, archived, and are now distributed and displayed on a technological system a century later that they could not have possibly imagined. The lesson: act like you are always being observed. You never know what futuristic quantum cameras might be recording you buying that Shatner Sings! CD from your neighbour's yard sale (I can only assume that such a compilation would be priceless in the future, so whatever entity is observing might attempt to steal it from one's descendants. BE VIGILANT!!) Cheers, Kevin
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