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Nevermind. Got the second confirmation email with the time. 11:00 am EST / 08:00 am PST. Will this meeting be recorded and posted somewhere? Unfortunately, I'll be hosting a separate Live meeting at the same time so I can't attend this one. -Brian Hall-
Toggle Commented Apr 7, 2011 on Inventor 2012 at Mod the Machine
Brian, What time is the event? It doesn't say anywhere or even in the initial confirmation email. -Brian Hall-
Toggle Commented Apr 7, 2011 on Inventor 2012 at Mod the Machine
I believe it will definitely happen. The caveat would be that you wouldn't want that tablet/pad device to be the primary way you make a movie like Avatar or design something with Inventor, etc. I use an app called "LogMeIn Ignition" on the iPad which allows me to remote into my (three screen) PC. It's actually alot more seemless than I ever thought it would be. It's almost to the point where these tablet/pad devices could eventually replace most of functionality laptops provide. Right now I'm remoting into my PC, but eventually, applications will probably have two User Experiences: Desktop and Mobile. Where the Mobile UX would reduce the need for me to remote into my desktop. I'm finally starting to see where the "Cloud" would be useful.
Nice summary Scott. I'll have to check that book out myself.
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Is this functionality in "standard" vault?
Movie: "My Cousin Vinny" Simulation hasn't been something I need to use due to the fact that most of my work involves static frame structures that use members that have already been calculated. I have used simulation on products that I'm designing from scratch or to see if I could get improvements on existing products. But those instances don't happen all that often for me.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2010 on Is Simulation Above Your Pay Grade? at Ellipsis
WOW!!! I mean, really, WOW!! I always thought that was possible just not "plausible". I am downloading now. Simply amazing! -Brian Hall-
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Thanks Rob!! The Inventor API is pretty rich, so if you can dream it up, it can probably be done. -Brian Hall-
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2010 on Center Point Rectangle Tool at Ellipsis
Wow, I can see the effort put into this. Great job!! Also, thank you for writing this in C# Philippe!!! :)
Awesome, it's in C# too!! :)
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Sorry Shaan, I don't mean to be snippy. I have done point clouds in the recent past and it was quite an arduous process to produce 3D models from them. I wasn't looking for an "automatic" feature recognition/creation, but rather just a decent workflow. I had to "post process" the point clouds gathered (i.e. register them, decimate, etc.) then bring it into AutoCAD. I even tried Rhino for a bit because I just didn't like creating 3D models in AutoCAD coming from an Inventor workflow. I kept saying to myself, "Man, if I could just bring it straight into Inventor, I could have this model done already". On the bright side, I will admit that I am happy to see Autodesk looking into creating some type of native workflow for manipulating and working with point cloud data. I really do think that's the future. I know that making product development decisions is a tough job because you want to deliver Mars to the customers but through a natural evolution of technology and a finite amount of resources you have to stay focused on what you can deliver which is the Space Station. It's still an impressive feat, just not everything you would "want" in a perfect world. As an Inventor fanboy I still want Mars, though. :) Thanks Shaan. -Brian Hall-
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What about Point Cloud Data use inside Inventor? IMHO, that's the place it should be done first. Perhaps even Fusion before that. It annoys me when a "built from the ground up to be 3D" product is relegated to get the "hand-me-down" technology from a "3D enhanced" 2D product.
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Jun 9, 2010