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Yeah I agree with that. I'm not sure I'd wanna see another war against the Humans. But I'm sure there must be something interesting they can do. Also they said something about exploring some of the other moons in orbit of the gas giant.
lol I do love that bit. xD
"Also, in Avatar all the creatures are meaningfull and believable, while Star Wars is filled with cameo aliens and cheap thrill monsters." I totally agree with this. Star Wars and many other movies since have done this and its a bit old.
This was a really nice commentary on Neytiri. Thank you for sharing! ^_^
Oh yeah I hadn't thought of that. LOL There were other characters which had avatars. I need to rewatch and count how many but if they stayed there would be several humans who could keep living in their avatar bodies. Might be cool to be one of them. Although I like your idea of having arrived on Pandora earlier and been one of the initial people to try interacting with the Na'vi.
Can anyone tell me what it was like to see the movie on a huge IMAX screen? like the 6 story tall ones? Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2009 at Queen0ftheCastle's blog
I tend to think this speaks to the expression that the Na'vi kept using repeatedly, "I see you." When she saw him in his human body, she still saw who he was and the form he was in didn't matter. It was a beautiful part of the movie. ^_^
"If you could be any character in Avatar, who would you be and why?" As a girl I'm sorely tempted to pick Neytiri. However, I love the idea of Jake, the excitement he must feel being a newcomer and getting... Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2009 at AVATAR
I wonder what types of conflict occurred before that would require the uniting of all the clans. I doubt the humans were the probably that long ago too.
I love trying to see the ways that the avatars are different from the other Na'vi. Like how the human DNA has made them different (aside from making them look like their human counterparts). So far I've noticed that the Avatars have 5 fingers instead of 4 like the Na'vi have. I think the build of most of the Na'vi is muscular but very very lean, where as Jake's build is a bit bulkier muscle-wise. And I almost wanna say he might be a little shorter than some of the others like Tsu-tey but I need to see it again... Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2009 at Queen0ftheCastle's blog
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