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Hi my name is Tina and I am a reader! I don't write, but think it is truly amazing what you people come up with for me to read. I just received How To Bake A Perfect Life for Christmas from a friend. I can't wait to read it. It will be my first by you. Since I first found this blog, through Sarah's website, I have been making my way through the best books by the most amazing writers. THANK YOU! I haven't been here in more than a week, so it was quite a shock to read that its almost over. I read for almost 2 years before I finally had the nerve to comment. I can't even tell you what finally made me do it, and I don't very often. It's been a funny, sad, angry (too many emotions to list)ride. I guess I'll finally have to do Facebook.
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As someone who recently spent 4 figures on a yorkie, you spend whatever you feel comfortable with and can afford. It doesnt matter what anyone else thinks is too much. If they aren't paying your bills, why would they care? I hope you have Mystery for years to come.
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Occupy Detroit came to town last week. Not a big group, but peaceful. I need to find out what I can do to support them. It is so good to see people following through on the things they believe in.
It was about him, not you. Cheaters are selfish and don't think beyond themselves. My sister is getting her second divorce. Both her and the husband have been having long term relationships with other people. Why they are both surpised at the other is mind boggling. They got married after cheating with each other! The saddest part of this is the whole time they've been cheating on each other, they've been making children together. 4 of them! When the cheaters get caught it's never their fault. There's always a reason. It really affects so many people in the family. I finally get used to having this guy around and now it will be another guy at the holidays. I'm not getting attached anymore. This one was in a relationship with his girlfriend for 9 years. Married her this past April and still kept having an affair with my sister. I don't like him already, and I'm barely speaking to my sister. I just found out about a week ago, in a tearful phone confession at work. AND she wants me to keep it a secret!
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Our second car, a 1999 Ford Taurus had the check engine light come on 47,000 into owning it. Took it straight to the dealer. 3 return trips later, they replaced the engine. Long story. Drove off the lot, 15 minutes down the road the check engine light came on again. Never went back. The car now has about 180,000 miles on it and the check engine light went off. I think it finally just burned out. I am currently driving a Honda Fit. No warning "words" just weird little icons to indicate something could be wrong. I have to get the owners manual out everytime I see one. The first time it happened I about had a heart attack. It was the craziest thing I ever saw. It looked like two () with a wavy line beneath it. Turns out i needed air in the tire. I miss my 65 mustang.
I love this subject! My husband and I have had a garden for years. The usual, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers etc. This year as one more way to get healthy, we added a bunch more. NOTHING taste better than a veggie you've grown and picked yourself. We also have a list on the fridge of all the local farmers markets and have visited quite a few. Of course the best (for us) is Detroit's Eastern Market (which they say is the oldest in the country). It's huge, amazing and fun. When I was growning up, my Mom always had a huge garden and we had meatless dinners and I loved it. My husband says he can't go without meat. I don't know how he knows that since he's never tried. UGH! Is the picture of the chickens yours too? Its very cool.
Ah, the water. Just 2 days back from a wonderful vacation on the northern west coast of Michigan. I was born and raised in Michigan, but it never ceases to amaze me how beautiful it is. I don't really think too much about water, until its not there. Then I panic. The water pump broke while at the cabin. Turned out to be an easy and inexpensive fix. Thankfully we haven't had any extreme weather.
We have 2 little dogs. Manny, a Havanese (super sweet and mellow) and Jimmy, a Yorkie (very needy and fiesty). Both dogs are just about 1 year old. Manny loves to go for walks and does great. Jimmy has a bum knee and gets carried in a doggie front pack. There are NO dog parks around our area. In fact, most parks have signs that read, NO DOGS ALLOWED! After 14 years with our Sheltie, Louie, who was very well behaved, but extremely dog aggressive and people shy, these 2 are everyone's friend. Jimmy's best friend seems to be the pit bull in the yard behind us who loves to jump the fence to our yard. I keep trying to tell Jimmy that she is waaay to big to be his girlfriend. Jim weighs 5 pounds soaking wet. It's very odd. I never was an animal lover before we got these 2. Now I wouldn't know what to do without them greeting me everyday after work. Harley, I love the fact that the dog goes back and forth for visitation with the kids. Good for everyone!
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The only time I wear tennis shoes and socks in the summer is when I'm hiking. Other than that I'm wearing flip flops. So I have tan lines on my feet in the shape of a v. I am another one who should be never wears sun screen. I'm sure we'll be sorry that we don't. I don't lay out in the sun, but still spend plenty of time hiking, biking and walking to get tan.
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Oh my, that's sounds wonderful! I have only 17 more days until I'm going to my family's cottage "up north". We've been going for more than 20 years now. Everyone around us has torn down the little cottages and are buidling HUGE houses. I hope we never do. We don't all get up there together much anymore. But everyone has kids and some of them have kids, it would be tight! Our little town is Ludington, MI. It has the fudge shoppe, ice cream place and movies and music in the park on friday and saturday nights. My favorite thing to do is read on the beach! Of course!
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My husband does all the cooking, so I don't care too much for the gadgets. I make the salad and I love to bake. So I'll need the OXO vegetable peeler and my Kitchen Aid mixer. I can't really think of a third. Maybe the coffee maker. Although I can get a nice expensive cup at any one of the hundreds of coffee shops around here.
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I recently cut my long hair. It was somewhere around the middle of my back. It's not curly or straight, really wavy, I would call it. I was using a flat iron everyday. I thought I was spending too much time every morning to wash, dry and then iron it. So, I had it cut. A lot! Just passed my ears. I LOVE it. It doesn't take any less time to do though. When I was a kid growing up, I always had long hair. My dad never let us cut it. When I was just starting my senior year in high school, I went with a friend to get her hair cut. She talked me into getting mine cut too. Ok, it was the mid 80's, so I got a cut that looked a man with a long tail. I liked it, but missed my long hair immediatly. My dad was soooo mad. Called me Charlie for the whole year. Wouldn't pay for my senior pictures either. I think most men say they like long hair on women. My husband was one of them. He says he loves the new cut too.
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I remember both Stuckey's and Big Boy's. Big Boy's still exist here in MI. I forgot to mention that there were 3 of us growing up and we used to fight to have the middle back seat. The one who sat in the middle got to hang over the front seat and listen to our parents talk. The youngest, my brother, always got to lay in the back window. We fought and had fun. One vacation we must have said "she's touching me!" 1 too many times. My Dad pulled the car over and yelled (dad didn't yell) "no one in this car ever touch anyone else ever again! Or else." We didn't complain for the rest of the trip.
Ah the memories you are bringing back. Growing up, my family didn't have a lot of money, but we went on a family vacation every year. That was the only time my Dad EVER took time off from work. We went camping. ALWAYS. I loved it then and still do it to this day. Don't get me wrong, I love the 4 star hotels too. (Thanks priceline). We went south to Kentucky and Tenessee. My dads family lived there. (everything is south from Mi) I love a road trip. Sometimes getting there is the best part. Love the mom and pop places. Of course, we have air and our kids are grown. Sheesh, I said love a lot.
OMG! That was a beautiful story. Put a tear in my eye. I've been working my way through all the authors on this blog and haven't read one of yours yet. I am this weekend!
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As a kid I hated team sports. I got made fun of because I stunk! As an adult I love volleyball and found that I'm pretty good. My favorite...skeet and target shooting. My dad started taking me when I was around 11.
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It will be 22 years together this year, but 10 married on July 18th. Like others, we'd both been married perviously, very briefly, and didn't want to jump right back into it. I don't think theres any secret to it. It's work some days. We grew up together and became best friends. As I'm reading all the comments, it seems that being best friends is common. Nicola, you're comment on how we *hate* each other one day and love the next is so right on. And waiting for the key in the door...awwww! WOW! love the little garden. What a transformation. Who doesn't love lavender?
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William, your father and mine must have been related. I spent at least 1 day a weekend at Sears in the tool section. Until I became an adult, I don't know there were other departments at Sears. My sister says she still has nightmares and can't step foot in one. I have tools. From screw drivers and hammers to drills and saws. Thanks to my dad I've done quite a few projects around the house and in the garage that have saved a ton of money over the years.
I could feel the love for your old house in that story. You made me want to move in, ghost and all!
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Had a mutt named Sasha growing up. Don't remember much about her, except she died in a house fire after saving all of us! Since I've been married with children, we tend to name the animals mob sounding names. We had Louie, the best behaved sheltie in the world. Now we have Mickey (daughters cat), Jimmy, the 5 lb yorkie and Manny, the sweetest havanese ever. I never was an animal lover until Jimmy and Manny came along a few months ago. Don't know what happened, but now I finally get it.
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I haven't had a lot of time to read lately. Picked up Backseat Saints. LOVING IT! I can't keep up with all the books from the tarts, but I sure do try.
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I love hats. The only occasion I really have to wear a hat is in the sun. So I have a few nice sun hats. Oooh and I love sun visors. I have several. I know, not really a hat. The place that Aretha got her hat is right around the corner. (Can't remember the name of it) So I went there on lunch one day. WOW! FANCY hats. I couldn't pull it off with my casual wardrobe.
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Whenever I've seen a roadside alter, I've always thought how dirty and messy and don't we have enough garbage around here! They shouldn't be allowed. I will now look at them completly different and be more understanding. From a previous blog, someone asked what our word of the year would be. I chose 2. Understand and accept.
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LOVE RHUBARB! I have some in my yard, well underneath the snow somewhere. I have never noticed a bad smell while it's cooking. Next time I bake with it I'll be looking for it. I remember working in the garden with my grandma too. I haven't thought about that for such a long time. Thanks for reminding me. Good memories. My husband and I have been growing a garden for years. We always say next time we need to scale it down. Every year we make it just a little bit bigger. Nothing is better than just picked from the garden. YUM! My grandma (mom's mom) was a big stern german woman. She always wore perfume. I don't know what kind, but every now and then I smell it and think of her. Both are gone for a while now. Getting a little teary now, but for good things.
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Laura, those huge filled donuts are called paczki (pronounced like punchki). It's a polish and russian tradition. It's HUGE in Michigan. People line up outside bakeries in Hamtramck for hours to get them. All the local news channels cover it. Crazy good! and very bad for you. Of course. So far I have been strong. As for Girl Scout cookies, I don't think I've ever met one I didn't like. Yum! Favorite though...frozen thin mints.
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