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-President: Clinton/Trump/Johnson. Don't include Jill Stein since she is not on the ballot -Supreme Court: Bob Edmunds vs. Michael Morgan -in addition to Governor and Senate, poll the downballot statewide races. The only 3rd part independent candidates for any of these races are Lon Cecil (Governor), Jacki Cole (LG) and Sean Haugh (Senate) -Is David Duke deplorable -David Duke v. Hillary Clinton -does Hillary Clinton need to smile more/does she yell too much or is too shrill when she speaks -do you support attacking foreign ships if they make disrespectful gestures at our ships (Trump claimed that Iranians are making gestures at our sailors, and that he would shoot them for that) -early voting- opinion of counties reducing early voting and/or eliminating Sunday voting/NC GOP memo to election boards to "make party line changes to early voting" leading to this action -should tax returns be released -should medical records be released -Latinos for Trump head (who made the taco trucks remark before) that Hispanics are a "primitive and underdeveloped culture " and people "should be very frightened." Do you agree with that statement? -Do you with Powell and Rice that the Benghazi investigation was a witch hunt? -does each candidate have the temperament/experience/qualification to be president -Trump Foundation-Bondi situation/Foundation false donations
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Sep 14, 2016