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Kevin Arthur
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You may be right that twitter has won, but I'm sticking with both for now. Twitter became unmanageable for me once I was following more than 100 people, in the sense that I couldn't read everything. So now I just dip in occasionally (less and less, actually) which I assume is how most people use twitter anyway. So twitter is good for seeing what's buzzing right now but I miss a lot of stuff. With RSS I don't miss anything but the trouble is keeping up. I prefer reading in old-to-new order which means I'm always several days behind. I guess the problem is just too much stuff on the web.
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2010 on Fading out RSS, Fading in Twitter at Whimsley
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Mar 15, 2010
Thanks for reviewing this. I had dismissed Zittrain as being in the hacker-purist camp, based on an interview I heard, but it sounds like that was premature.
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I am a slow commenter.
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