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Quiet Violet
Oakley, CA
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Posted Jan 27, 2020 at The Quiet Life of Violet
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Posted Aug 1, 2018 at The Quiet Life of Violet . Continue reading
Posted Jul 5, 2018 at The Quiet Life of Violet
The Quiet Life of Violet has moved! So long Typepad, hello fresh start! HERE. Continue reading
Posted Jul 31, 2015 at The Quiet Life of Violet
As I sit down to go over this post again for the third time, I'm finishing lunch at 3:27pm - I dig up a cold salad from last night and a hot fork from the dishwasher (nothing else was clean - not even a toddler fork, I checked). The first half of my lunch consisted of some peppered gluten-free organic hippie Mac and cheese from a box (with a toddler fork) and the most handsome lunch date in all the land, my three year old, Roman. That kid is funny and he understand so much. And he calls me his... Continue reading
Posted Aug 4, 2014 at The Quiet Life of Violet
Friends and family, near, far and everywhere in between, I have a request. Can you help us with a miracle? My amazing friend Rachael is in surgery. Right now. She has majorly advanced Chron's disease and is in the O.R. fighting to stay alive as I type this. She has had two other surgeries like today's, and both times she came gravely close to passing away on the table. Rachael is young. She is beautiful. She is a daughter, a sister, a mother and as of yesterday, a wife. She and her beautiful bride Sam had an intimate wedding in... Continue reading
Posted Jul 14, 2014 at The Quiet Life of Violet
Today I made this awesome marinade for a $20 tri-tip we bought this weekend - half an onion, a whole bulb of garlic (maybe 8 cloves?), soy sauce, pineapple juice, Rooster Sauce and some red wine vinegar. I let it marinate all day, lovingly flipping it around in the fridge so that the meat would be evenly coated. I had visions of left over trip-tip sandwiches dancing my my head. Little meat sandwiches with wings. What can I say? I like me some red meat. My sweet, amazing, handsome Husband (a.k.a. The Grill Master in this house) pre-heated our grill,... Continue reading
Posted Jun 9, 2014 at The Quiet Life of Violet
The sweetest and most important moments of my life are those that involve my boys. While I sit in bed nursing Teddy at night, room darkened by lack of daylight, I sometimes catch myself just staring at him while I cry. Silent tears carve pathways down my cheeks and soak into my blanket. I breathe him in, his smell so intoxicating that I feel instantly calmed. I hold his small hand and remember the time in his life when ALL I could hold were his hands. When I would just spend my day staring, eyes wide like a deer standing... Continue reading
Posted Jun 3, 2014 at The Quiet Life of Violet
Obviously we've had a lot of love sent our way since my water broke exactly six months ago and everything that has happened with Teddy since. I'm talking, a LOT of love. From nurses who took care of me all the way to friend's parents that we met once at a wedding years ago. People have been very generous and very kind to us. One of my friends set up a fundraiser while I was in the hospital, people we don't even know sent us Christmas gifts and we were very well taken care of. I can't even express how... Continue reading
Posted May 15, 2014 at The Quiet Life of Violet
I'm sitting here at the dinner table, the end of nap time is looming near and I really, really wanted to blog today. So, yeah. Sitting here, hands perched over my iPad, hot tea to my right, emptly plate that just held a few slices of proscuttio (I'm addicted) to my left and... I don't know what to write about. I've been trying for days to sneak in some time to write a new post, but now that I'm here, I can't remember what I wanted to talk about. I guess I'll talk about the obvious - my baby. Teddy... Continue reading
Posted Apr 19, 2014 at The Quiet Life of Violet
I used to be spunky. I used to be really happy and joyous and full of glitter. Let me clarify, it's not that I'm NOT happy now (because life is pretty good at the moment), but I just don't feel light anymore. Life feels heavy. I MISS being spunky. Being totally optimistic and bubbly and carefree. I miss our college days of being with Dustin most of my waking hours. I love being a Mom to my amazing, precious boys, and a Wife to Dustin, but it feels like some of me has been misplaced. One of Dustin's cousins has... Continue reading
Posted Mar 12, 2014 at The Quiet Life of Violet
We brought our Teddy boy home. I'm still not quite able to process and talk about everything that went down from the time I was admitted to the hospital to the time that this video was made, but I'll get there. I think it's a defense mechanism? If you followed our journey on Instagram, then you probably caught the overview of our experience with this pregnancy and birth. Thank you for supporting us and offering encouraging words. Reading each and every note that was sent our way, helped pass the time. Truthfully, knowing that I was "accountable" for posting a... Continue reading
Posted Mar 1, 2014 at The Quiet Life of Violet
From the beginning of this pregnancy, I was convinced that I was carrying a girl. I just felt it. Just like I felt that Roman was a boy. When my doctor told me that we were expecting another boy and not a girl, I was shocked to say the very least. I had felt so strongly that I was carrying our Clementine. Our girl. Dustin's Daddy's Girl. I was zero percent prepared for the possibility of having another son because I knew that it was a girl. Well, I was wrong, which was not only hard for me to admit... Continue reading
Posted Dec 10, 2013 at The Quiet Life of Violet
I've been here at the hospital for six weeks today. The first few days were very (VERY) hard on me. I had to have an I.V. put in to dispense the antibiotics that we needed and, although it was just a simple I.V., it was really effing traumatic to me. Not only was I having to deal with the emotional roller coaster that comes along with your baby's life being in major danger, I was brought right back to that mental mindset of a being a cancer patient. The I.V. pole. The medical tape. The bracelet printed with my name... Continue reading
Posted Dec 6, 2013 at The Quiet Life of Violet
This post has taken me about two and a half weeks to write. It's one of those stories that I know needed to come out, but the process of writing what happened wasn't something that I could force. Some days I didn't feel like writing, didn't feel like going back and putting myself into a place that I never, ever wanted to be. Here is part of what's been going on in our Quiet Life. ----- In the middle of my twenty-second week, my water broke. I had been feeling off all day, but just figured that it was nothing.... Continue reading
Posted Nov 16, 2013 at The Quiet Life of Violet
If you've been following me on Instagram, Twitter or are a Facebook friend, you'll be up to date with our baby news. If not, the next post will fill you in. This post, though, is for Halloween and Fall and my sweet Roman. My family took him to the pumpkin patch on Monday because I'm not able to and I had made a promise to him that I would. He was super excited about the tractor ride. :) My awesome, amazing sister made sure that I was "there" as much as possible, and on top of Facetiming with me the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 31, 2013 at The Quiet Life of Violet
Theodore Clark due February 14th, 2014. (I can't wait to see his face!) Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2013 at The Quiet Life of Violet
I had a kidney stone for the first time a few weeks ago and OH MY GOD. I wouldn't wish a kidney stone on anyone. I thought I was dying. I was reassured (by myself) that it wasn't something to do with baby because the pain was not uterus-y or cramping pain at all, but was more like someone stuck a knife in my left side/lower back and left it there for me to die. I was vomiting from the pain. Shaking. Cold and hot sweats. I couldn't move my damn legs, the pain got so bad. I'm sure it... Continue reading
Posted Sep 11, 2013 at The Quiet Life of Violet
Nine vials is a lot of damn blood. This was from my first-trimester blood draw. Continue reading
Posted Sep 2, 2013 at The Quiet Life of Violet
We found out we were pregnant on June 9th, a few weeks before our "We're not having any luck getting pregnant so lets go to Disneyland!" trip. Sure, the trip was partially for Roman since you know, Disneyland is for kids (blasphemy!), but I wanted to celebrate the fact that NOT being pregnant was advantageous and I could at this place. Pregnant ladies couldn't ride Space Mountain or Indiana Jones. Pregnant ladies can't bounce around on rides go all crazy-go-nuts in a theme park. Pregnant ladies don't have the energy to power through the park all day long and stay... Continue reading
Posted Aug 29, 2013 at The Quiet Life of Violet
(I meant to post this about a month and a half ago. OOPS! Updated pregnancy post coming soon.) There has been lots of this for the past two months: Little baby in my belly has turned me into a sleep hungry, salad hating, gagging at the most random things, couch potato. I've been loving every minute of it. (And I don't have to do the dishes!) (The mixture of food smells make me nauseous.) Continue reading
Posted Aug 28, 2013 at The Quiet Life of Violet