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If I may add a third question for my own nefarious purposes, what are some of the best (unflattering) descriptions you recall music industry execs using to describe such music fans?
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I second Chris. What did I miss last year that made Coke #2??? I checked Fastcompany's site and all they note is: For a daring marketing model that redefines the relationship among consumer brands, record companies, and artists ...
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I am going to say for a select few, those that want to stick it to the industry specifically or out for a technical challenge, sure. But for the most part I would hazard no it doesn`t. I could be wrong here, I am basing a good chunk of my argument on Napster`s founding, but I don`t recall any such ligation behind Shawn Fanning developing the service. He simply wanted a better way to share and find music. Straight innovation. And looking at private torrent sites. The first I was part of was Oink. I am not aware of any ligation that spurred its`development but again could be wrong (or maybe the prevailing ligation happy industry was part of the reason it was founded as a private network). But in my eyes it was simply music fans looking for a better way to share music again and the industry ignoring them. And even those sites such as waffles today show more innovation and customer service than the best legal models. Show me on Itunes where I can request music not on the site and then receive an email alerting me to its` availability? I can`t even think of a good bit of industry innovation that I use regularly. And I look at all the best services in my mind for finding music - for me they have been Napster, YouTube, GrooveShark and private sites such as Oink - and what is the one thing they all have in common? Industry backed lawsuits. The music industry needs more music fans running it, the innovation will follow.
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If Google Music is going to be nothing more than another customer side retail experience a la Itunes - or even some new cloud-based model- I am voting against Ian Rogers in hopes that he remains with TopSpin or some other company that works directly for the benefit of artists.
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2010 on Help Wanted: Google Music Head at hypebot
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Going through the process now and I have to say kudos to whoever came up with this idea. Look forward to reading the advice and sharing my own experiences as they relate.
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Makes me think of iterative development systems, like Agile development in software. Do a little piece of a project, get it right [or realize it is all wrong], move on to the next piece. Repeat. There's far more to it, but the idea of getting it right for 10 first would easily lend itself to such a system. Been adapting such processes to all my businesses, and it has been working great so far for me. RT'ed this from Hypebot the other day too: Artists, you may not want to hear it, but you have to look at yourselves as businesses. - Over heard at #NMS That's a huge hurdle for a lot of bands/artists right there no matter what systems or processes you show them.
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2010 on Seth Godin: Get It Right For 10 People at hypebot
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