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I love the title...I also love how you are working hard to move on making life as normal as possible for you and Silas but still holding Lucy in your head & heart. Think about this for a minute and be glad your day went as it did. What if you hadn't gone river. You decide to chill out and stayed home with Lucy & Silas but something came up. You had to run to the shop to take care of a problem. You were only going to be gone a few so you left them at home. While you were gone Lucy had her heartattack and passed with just Silas. He wouldn't have been able to comfort her..No one to hold her as she slipped quietly away...almost alone. I know that sounds harsh but don't second guess yourself. You did what was meant to happen...not her passing but being there to help her cross the rainbow bridge knowing you loved her with all your heart. Hugs to you both
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2010 on Sweet Beans are Made of This at zena musings
Carla, I love how you are able to voice your feelings about Lucy's passing. So many hold it in and I think that hurts the healing process so much. I think being angry that she was taken to soon is a healthy way of dealing with your loss. Having Silas around to shower your love will let Lucy know you are going to be alright. Hugs to yo both Emma
Toggle Commented Jul 16, 2010 on No answers, but so much love at zena musings
Carla, I'm so sorry to hear of Lucy's passing. I'm sitting in my quilt room with Chase all curled up on the loveseat. She was 5 1/2 weeks when we brought her home and she has been my shadow for over 7 years. I think about loosing her and it just about rips my heart out. I know nothing we do can prepare us but I hope when the time comes it's on a day like you had...having fun and holding her as she says goodbye. I know with the love you and Silas have will be what gets you through your grief over the next few months. That and all the friends you both have. Hugs to you both Emma
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Jul 12, 2010