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Quilts by Q
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Love the Alphabet Soup quilt. Haha I always love seeing all your patterns anyways. I'm sure your son would love to sleep under it.
Toggle Commented Jun 19, 2010 on One of three ... at Don't look now!
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Got to love the appetite of a pregnant mommy! Well I'm glad you got sort of caught up on things. Sometimes it's so easy to let things slide, especially when you're munching all the time... Haha I could relate a little too well...
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2010 on Caught up-ish at Simplify
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Enjoy the precious times with your kids. Summer is a good time for family and having fun around the house. Have a good one!
Toggle Commented Jun 16, 2010 on Busy-ness at house on hill road
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Today I am: *Sad - as Mondays away from my kids often are *Anxious - to start on some new projects that's been floating around in my head *Sweaty - The summertime is really heating up *Happy - for such a great weekend with my family.
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2010 on Today I'm... at Simplify
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Okay that is very cool. I will definitely be sewing some of these up for the kiddies. Thanks for sharing!
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Makes me want to go out and make some jam. My 3 year old has just recently started to like jam so this is great. Farmer's markets here I come!
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2010 on Strawberry Jam at house on hill road
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LOVE LOVE LOVE peonies. Always wanted to grow some but haven't been able to live anywhere where I could establish some. Thanks for the pretty post.
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2010 on Well, hello you at house on hill road
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WOW looks like a good time. Everyone and everything looks so great.
Toggle Commented May 27, 2010 on I'm back- sorta... at Simplify
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May 24, 2010