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Interesting that a guy can find and ID dickie birds in a tree canopy but claims to have never noticed anyone's binos, you know, those large objects mostly worn on a person's chest standing right next to you. They are sort of the human equivalent of antlers except both genders have them. The male mind's ability to compartmentalize is amazing so I guess this could be true, particularly if the the guy has just an average pair of binos himself. (Note, I'm not interested in a flame war, so this will likely be my last comment.)
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After reading some of these comments, I see that sexism is as rampant as it was over 10 yrs ago when I mostly got out of birding. Why is Margaret Morse Nice supposed to be asso. w/ a *kitchen* window of all windows in a house? MMN was a world-class ornithologist who wrote nearly 250 papers on birds, 3,000 *book* reviews and several books including an autobiography. I don't know, but I suspect that she wasn't that into cooking, cleaning, decorating, or entertaining. Given her obvious academic inclinations, I suspect she spent *way* more time in an office/study/library than in any kitchen. The question 'why' sexism persists in birding an important one. I think it may primarily have to do with the fact that birding or listing (as opposed to ornithology) is grounded in reputation. Birders come back from a day in the field and report the list of spp. seen. Other birders, who have all seen 1000s of such lists, judge each incoming new list based on its length and the number of rarities. If the list is long with lots of rarities and the observer was a female, then a touch of doubt probably creeps in, but if the observer was a male, then reverence may be the overriding response. Without a photo or a spmn, is all we have to go on is the street (field?) cred of the birder as to the authenticity of their list. Again, the fundamental question is 'why?' I'm not a psychologist, but I find that children's views on gender are *deeply* ingrained and a shockingly young age. It's like, from the time they are five yrs old until they die, people only seem to accept evidence that supports their preconceived ideas! Boy v. girl expectations are initiated from birth when announcements are sent out color coded (blue/pink) based on gender. And of course, birding is cursed with classism as well. If a guy birder sporting elite optics meets a gal birder in the field and she has a modest pair of binos around her neck, well I'll let all the female birders here who have been there explain what's likely to happen next if you can't figure it out. One of the main reasons I wasn't terribly impressed with long life lists was that the length of one's life list is strongly correlated with the depth of one's pocket. Anyway, that's my 2 cents of thought on this topic. Mike Quinn, Austin PS: My favorite birder was, and always will be, Martha Conger Neblett Hagar. I doubt she would have ever incorrectly reported seeing an ivory-billed woodpecker.
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Jun 13, 2013