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The gag order was surely necessary to prevent, as long as possible, a variety of recalcitrant Internet users from unleashing a campaign of criticism and satire directed against American legal authorities. As Paul admits, it is "hard to fault" the prosecutors for taking the comments "seriously." Indeed, contrary to what certain individuals have been suggesting, these menacing statements posted on Reason were not mere "hyperbole," any more than the criminally deceitful emails sent by a "satirist" in New York were mere poor efforts at parody or blustery expressions of anger. See the documentation of America's leading criminal satire case at: And, lest the point of my remark be misunderstood, I believe it is worth reminding certain "freedom of speech" defenders that when we don't stand up for everyone's rights, we should not be surprised when our own rights end up getting trampled on with big black boots. The so-called First Amendment bloggers have done well to ignore the dissenting opinion of a single liberal judge (oddly, the chief judge of the New York Court of Appeals) in the case I have linked, which foolishly speaks of an "atavism at odds with the First Amendment and the free and uninhibited exchange of ideas it is meant to foster." Let us all agree that certain forms of speech are so inappropriate that they need to be suppressed at all costs, and save the hypocritical expressions of concern for Reason (no doubt a venue where many of us might like to be published) for more useful occasions.
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Jun 22, 2015