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I teach Holy Quran recitation online via skype. I share my screen and write the Arabic letters . After letters I teach words. I use simple and easy to learn methods and colors. Join me for learning Quran. I graduated from Pakistan. I have been serving Holy Quran since 1995. I traveled and stayed in different countries like New Zealand, Thailand, Hong Kong, U.A.E and Saodia Arabia.
Interests: reading, discussion
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nice idea apparently. who will bear the cost of colecting stuff, uploading on net and who will monitor it without charging?
Arabic is very vast and interesting language. By just changing a slight extension the whole meaning is changed. The interesting thing is that the Arabic language has only two tens. Past and Mudhare (present and future) really interesting. I am a teacher and I have collected a lot of helping stuff, I have published some of them on my website
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I was searching some online stuff and found this site. simple and easy way of explaining
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Feb 2, 2016