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The comments for this article are quite fascinating and show a maturity and pragmatism in this community that is quite admirable. I have approached improving my diet from the paleo perspective (whole foods, mostly pasture-raised meat and eggs, organic green and leafy vegetables, nuts, occasional fruit, no grains or pulses). I have found that I needed to keep dairy and gradually add tubers and other starchy veggies to maximize my athletic performance and settle down my digestion. My own slipping away from the "ideal" paleo diet gets all sorts of criticism by other paleo advocates. But then you take a closer look and most of them occasionally slip as well with weekly cheats or some other admission to reality and pragmatism. What I wonder is if that "traitor to the cause!" criticism isn't driven by their own fears and uncertainties about the "true principles" of the lifestyle. In any case, it's very refreshing to see an honest and introspective analysis of health and diet here.
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Jan 28, 2010