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Interests: law, individual rights (not human rights), constitutional rights laws
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Just another witch hunt by politicans whom are trying to apease those in power as well as trying to be political correct. I commend this Sheriff he is ENFORCING the laws as written. That is his oath, as well as those whom are elected. TO UP HOLD THE LAWS, AND THE CONSTITUTION BOTH STATE AND FEDERAL. But these Alinsky followers are so wrapped into disrupting was well as destroying this country. Now that defies logic as well as common sense. If these followers of Saul Alinsky hate this country then why even live here? The rantings and the rhetoric of these individuals are so far left then why stay here. As with this law, the rules of radicals (eg: alinsky) will promote hate, discord, and disruption; further more they will make attempts as to discredit to ridicule those who they oppose. As with the present instance here of the Sheriff, it is all about to discredit him. HE IS AN ELECTED OFFICIAL and he is doing his sworn job as proscribed by the Arizona statutes. MEXICANS, LATINOS, HISPANIC ARE NOT NOT NOT ANY KIND OF RACE, IT IS ETHNICITY CULTURE, so why are the up roar abut race. AGAIN it is to discredit those opposing the rule of law. The majority of these race (sic0 rallies are being promoted and organized by the big unions, SEIU, AFL-CIO, AND others. SO IF U ARE A TRUE AMERICAN GO DEEP STAND FIRM QUESTION WITH AUTHORITY DO NOT BACK DOWN AND USE COMMON SENSE
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All the SAUL ALINKSY followers sure have this race baiting down to a science. do they not. MEXICAN LATINO, etc are not races, but ethnicity so why do these left wing nutts always play the race card. simple: to divide, but more so as a diversion as to what the left is really up to, that is to emphatically change this country to a socialistic country. dictator HUSSIN obamma actually stated last week that american corporations are making too much, any any surplus needs to be recycled
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