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My guess is that he wants to skip opening credits on tv shows. That's understandable. Skipping opening credits on a movie however, that's just wrong. Skipping closing credits, that's easy. It's called the stop button.
I received an e-mail offering me a credit, but since I was not affected, I didn't take it.
I was paying about 3.54 DVD, with Instant 0.42 a couple of weeks ago. But I decided to stop using Feedfliks. I'm on the 16.99 plan. Feedfliks *no longer* accounts for the additional four dollars for blu. That now makes it quiet inaccurate. Upping to the next higher plan on Feedfliks (not on Netflix), wouldn't work either (24.99).
I received Wii streaming disc on Friday. This is my second streaming device. I received a Samung BD1590 blu-ray player for my birthday. Aside from the lack of 720 HD the quality on Wii is very good. I haven't watched any movies on it yet, just TV shows. One show, News Radio season 3 seemed a bit dark, but everything else looked good. I really like the interface on Wii. On the BD1590, I only have access to my Q. On Wii, you also have access to many categories, new recommendations and suggestions. The Wii interface is also quite a bit faster than the 1590. My only downside, aside from HD, is that you have to put the disc in each time. -Peter
I like the new pages. They have a slightly cleaner look than before. I like that it shows multiple genres and "This movie is:". (taste preferences.) As for streaming being available on the main profile only, my guess is they don't want friends sharing accounts. They should allow two streaming profiles though, for the reasons crow550 mentioned.
I could honestly care less about watching movies on iphone. I have a couple of movies on my phone, digital copies that came with blu-ray discs. The experience of watching a movie on such a small screen is terrible. It's a completely different experience. I didn't get through a whole movie, but I highly doubt the battery would last long enough. As for tv shows, I could go either way. Leaning towards don't really care. I admit, I do watch a lot of tv clips (Whose line) though. I'd love to be able to add movies to my Q via a mobile site though. Haven't checked out the apps, yet. Also, add me to the list of those who want streaming support in Linux.
Uh, you might want to fix the title of the post. SmartyRents: Netflix for Kid's Educational Softare
I just reserved my disc. Now all we need is a DVD channel on Wii. "Ninty" just doesn't get it. They say we don't want another dvd player. Well, you know what? I want a dvd channel, so I can have one LESS box taking up space in my media center.
I could care less if I have to wait an additional month to see new WB releases. I already didn't see (movie) in the cinema, because I didn't want to potentially waste $11.75 on a movie I may not like much. On the other hand, if I did love (movie) so much, I would have bought it anyway. This waiting period will not increase DVD sales.
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Jan 6, 2010