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Thank you for posting this - I think you are right in your definition of digital literacy, and I am very interested in it being an issue of inclusion. In many ways, digital literacy is a social literacy - communicating with groups of people in different ways than before. For children who struggle with social skills or communication, an emphasis on this kind of definition of digital literacy can only open (virtual) doors for them. However, getting this into the classroom is a different issue. In my experience in ITE, there are many who are not willing to engage with technology or to advocate students' use of technology (using laptops/ipads/twitter in lectures is frowned upon by many). For a number of students, this will create a barrier. These are our future teachers, who also may then enter schools where technology is not promoted and digital literacy is seen, as has been suggested, as learning to use Word and suchlike.
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Jan 15, 2012