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This is really a comment on your 2007 article on the 72 angels. I have been searching off and on (since about 2007!) for the historic background of the attributions to the 72 angels. I've followed most of the same tracks you have, but thanks for putting it all together for us, especially the early stuff, like the Bahir. Besides the Psalm verses in Kircher, it looks like for attributes (rather than just lists of names) we can only get as far back as Papus. But Papus says "according to Lenain." Do you have any idea who Lenain is? I'm not sure why the history of this small bit of esoterica is so imporant to me, but I'm still on the hunt! By the way, here are two other contemporary sources for the 72 angels: Lo Scarabeo oracle and book "Angel Voices" and "Birth Angels" by Terah Cox. Thanks again for the info, and let me know if you know about Lenain.
The Empress of the Crystal Tarot is Jennifer Aniston. To me anyway. Thought that the first time I saw it and still do.
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