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that picture of Patrick Dempsey is pratically pornographic! thanks for the gratuitous McConaughey.
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2007 on Friday Eye Candy: Hotties Over 40! at MamaPop™
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I LOVE JENNIFER GARNER AND VIOLET! Love them!!! Jennifer always looks SO happy :)
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Hey dina, chill. She can wear heels if she wants to and she shouldn't be called dumb because of her choice of footwear (unless she chooses Uggs with a skirt). And Tom doesn't look like he minds, so why should we? When I saw the pics I thought "another couple of inches off and they'll look like the brunet version of Brad and Gwyneth when they both had the short platinum blond shags." She looks great and I love her shoes!
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2007 on Katie Holmes Succumbs To the Mom Shag at MamaPop™
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I love them. *sigh*
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Oh yay! I linked over to your page from Mom's Daily Dose and have been busy reading your archives, including ALL of TLF. Kayla: "Its hard to explain, maybe I'll try after you get your sister pregnant. That seems more appropriate than right now." Rachel from CA