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Portland, Oregon
a midwestern girl living in the pacific northwest.
Interests: Jesus, books, movies, stories, crafts, celebrations, hiking, camping, paddling, walking
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So beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!
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Thanks Bridget. I'll take all the posivibes I can get. :-)
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I've been reading your blog for about five or six years now! I also loved all of your E + e posts last year. :-)
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Sour cream pork chops. So easy + delicious.
photos of our adventures!
So great. I'm not yet brave enough to try something other than rows. :-)
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It is so hard to be discerning sometimes when so many random voices are coming at us! I totally understand the "advice" before your wedding. By the time our wedding came around I was so glad the wedding part was almost done with so I wouldn't have to hear it anymore! ;-)
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Clary sage, followed by lavender.
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Fun! My brother was stationed there for awhile and it was one of his favorite posts. He absolutely loved it there. :-)
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We do and I am hoping it does the trick! ;-)
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I live in Portland (for two and a half years now), but grew up in the midwest (Michigan). This year, I'm having a terrible time getting into the Christmas spirit. Ha! This weather is throwing me way off for some reason this year. And I LOVE the mild winters here and don't mind the rain at all. I don't miss shoveling the driveway or scraping snow off the car, but a little bit of snow would sure make it feel more like Christmas. :-)
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Love it! Thanks for the chance! :-)
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Thanks for the chance to win!!!
That bag is totally my style. Lovely. Thanks for the chance to win!
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Seattle. I went once ten or fifteen years ago, but now that we live in Portland we haven't been back. I think it's about time! :-)
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Amazing and lovely things! Thanks for the chance to win!!! :-)
Toggle Commented Aug 22, 2012 on A BLEUBIRD GIVEAWAY - CLOSED. at BLEUBIRD BLOG
Expectation Grey and Walnut Stain for sure! Thanks for the chance to win!!
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We moved to pdx two years ago, from Michigan. We are by no means foodies, but like to try out some good places every now and again! :-) Our favorite breakfast place is Bumblekiss on NE Fremont. They have great scrambles and their cinnamon swirl french toast is amazing. The Observatory on SE Stark has great sandwiches and burgers (and other things, I'm sure-we tend to go there for lunch). Pepino's and Por Que No? (both on SE Hawthorne) are great places for mexican food. Grilled Cheese Grill is our favorite food cart-they make amazing grilled cheeses of all kinds (and they just opened a third location downtown, although we're kind of partial to the double decker bus on se 28th and ankeny). Salt and Straw has great ice cream in unique flavors. My favorite favorite burger place of all time is Brothers Burgers in Vancouver (Washington). They have delicious burgers and tots with great seasonings (the rosemary parmesan are the BEST ever). Hot Lips Pizza is great also. Henry's Tavern and Deschutes (both near Powell's downtown) are pretty good. And Burgerville (which you already know is great) is the best "fast food" kind of place-I love trying their different seasonal items as they arrive (my faves are the blackberry lemonade, rosemary shoestring fries, waffle fries and walla walla onion rings-AMAZING).
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That necklace is so beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!!!
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That necklace is so beautiful!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!
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love that new fancy pants and those brag books look awesome as well! thanks for the chance to win! :-)
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ours only lasts for a very little while-yesterday it only stuck for about five minutes.
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I have never been a runner, but you've inspired me to start walking (at least) a mile a day in 2012, with the end-goal of increasing my mileage as i go AND eventually starting to run. :-) (and i've been taking photos of my feet because i think yours are way awesome looking and will make an awesome photobook at the end of the year). thanks for the inspiration and sharing your life with us! :-)
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Awesome word and a great story/reason behind it!
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