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ColletonRanger--I forgot--all of the above would be COMPLETED in 5 years and we will be where we should have been a long,long time ago. Everything of course depends on whether or not there are any postponments and if there are no political maneuverings to completely "delete" the plan. I have never experienced the kind of "politics" going on now. Pretty awful.
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ColletonRanger--I am so very glad you "applaud the school board for adressing school needs". The board rarely hears or reads anything resembeling praise. You seem to REALLY want to understand what's happening so perhaps I can help a little or at least point you in the right direction for more details. As you probably already know, two new elementary schools have been built in the last 8 or so years, Northside Elem. and then Hendersonville Elem. The "Facilities Plan" calls for a new Elem. School in Cottageville to be completed within the next year (if the lawsuit doesn't hold it up. If the lawsuit is successfull it is likely to be 5 years). The current High School would be converted to a middle school, we would no longer use as middle schools--Colleton Middle and Forest Circle Middle, Forest Circle would become an elementary school. Forest Hills Elementary would become the 3&4 yr old preschool with NO waiting list like now. A new high school would be built and in the same location a new stadium and complete sports facility-football, baseball,softball soccer,swimming pool for aquatic sports-all on the same property. Improvements and repairs for remaining older schools. That is the gist of it. I am sure I have left something out but you can go to the district website,, and on the left side of the page, scroll down until you see "facilities plan" and click on it. Click on the different links and most of your questions will be answered, if not, call Mr. Gale at 549-5114. I hope I've helped some. You can also reach me or other board members by again using the website to retrieve phone numbers, email addresses and "snail mail" addresses! I shouldn't write "snail mail" as my mom was a postmaster and insists it only takes a day for a letter--Round O to Walterboro etc.
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Panther, I agree. at the least Cottageville and Walterboro. We consolidated originally because the last referendum failed and the justice department required that we provide equal everything-structure,courses,etc. and cost kept getting bigger and bigger, we were busing kids from Ruffin to Walt.HS for one course etc., then the kids weren't receiving equal school hours. Finally, consolidation was the only way.
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Swampfox-you can reach Mr. Gale at 549-5114. I know he would be happy to explain our county school needs. And it's not just a high school but also a new stadium/sports facility. ASBCooper-You are right about that! Our entire tax system is crazy. Some of us that own something are poorer than those who don't! I sometimes dream about selling the little bit I own, renting a travel trailer, and parking it on a rented piece of dirt maintained by the owner! Ahhhh that's the life!!!
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Chairman Crosby was the only board member who had "issues with getting all of the data" in regard to the "loan". The rest of the board received "the data". I read it, though it took a while. Anyone who wants "the data" can get it by going over to the district office, or by calling 549-5114 they may be able to email it, just ask and see. I think most people probably aren't interested in the "tons" of "data" I receive and read every week but it is available to everyone. A lot of information is on the website Certainly all the candidates should make an effort to read as much as possible before the election. They may change their minds about running. I would be the last to blame them. It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. The meetings take up the least amount of that time, but that is what the public sees. Ask the family of any board member about the sacrifices to get a true dose of reality. I am willing and my family is willing but it is really hard sometimes.
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Andy, Hope you are better. I hate to be sick any time but especially in hot weather. Talk about "HOT", you should have been at the Taxpayers Assn. meeting last night. It was difficult for me. I had a hard time putting the info "in my head" into words. I wish I could just tell people that I'm honest, will never lie to them and will help them get the correct info even if they disagree with it. If people would believe that and nothing else about me, I would be satisfied. I hope that, if I am not re-elected, I will be able to educate the public with the correct and true information about the facilities plan and anything else about which they have questions. My phone number, address, and email address are on the school district web site. If I don't answer the phone, a message can be left and, as you know,I do call back! This is the most typing I've EVER done. Cool!! I think I may be getting the hang of it!!! And it only took me 3 hours!!! Always your friend, Rachel
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Andy, Does anyone read this? Maybe just you and me!!! Rachel Farris
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Andy, No other board member needed to respond to my request to expand the search for property. Mr. Gale wil check the latest statistics and get back with us with answers as well as additional properties to consider. This would be his normal procedure with any board member's request. I checked out the info on our website re facilities plan. Pretty good stuff but the powerpoint needs audio to be really great. I've got a call in to Mr. Gale to suggest that. Anyone who would like to ask questions of me, please do so. Just remember my "typing disability"!!! Rachel Farris
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Andy, I have been on the school board a total of 8 years, from 1994 to 1998, and this time 2002 to 2006. In Sunday's article, I think to wrote 4 years. Your Blog is way cool! I'll try to write more later. My typing is very poor but I would love to make some comments. Sincerely, Rachel Farris
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