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I disagreed also. While it may hone in on special teaching methods targeted to just females or just males, it is affecting them socially. Once they go into the real world, the work force, college, etc. they will be around all different types of sexes, races, and nationalities. Even though the intention is good, I believe it is doing more harm than good. "If schools have same gender classes, I think it would be a good idea for them to still have classes with both genders. The same-gender classes would be the core academic classes such as math, literature, and science so both boys and girls can feel comfortable pursuing whatever subject they enjoyed without the stereotype. The co-ed classes would be the elective classes where boys and girls can interact with each other." This is a good compromise in my opinion and gives the sexes both a concentrated approach and the opportunity to be social with other girls and boys. I would like to see how effective this style of teaching is and the statistics of whether it is worth it in the long run or not.
Toggle Commented May 4, 2011 on Single-Sex Classrooms at Kayla Ferreira's blog
While I agree both boys and girls require different methods of teaching and have brains that develop in different ways, I do not think single-sex classrooms are a necessity. Yes, they would hone in on certain learning strategies targeted to just girls or just boys, but in the long run... Continue reading
Posted May 4, 2011 at rachel mowery's blog
I agree with you when you say that none of them were outstanding or brilliant. While some were humorous and witty, it ended at that. I liked the Volkswagen commercials, but as for the others, most were confusing, unclear, and messy. "Also, the Go Daddy commercials were very annoying. When these premiered during the Super Bowl last year, they were very effective at catching viewers’ attention, but this year it was like an old, worn-out joke that you already knew the answer to." This is true. Even if something is hilarious the frist time it's not always as funny the 10th time. The point of Super Bowl Commercials is to come up with witty and brilliant commercials no one would think of and commercials that make the listener want to buy the product they are selling whether it be a car or a package of Doritos. THe best ones are usually the simplest ones, with the most focused ideas. Hopefully next Super Bowl they will differ in variety and have more humor and brilliance.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2011 on Superbowl Commercials at Natasha Khoury's blog
I agree with you when you say that the college application in today's world is stressful, but yet paints a decent picture of the student. Yes, when you are applying to Ivy League colleges you need to be the best of the best and achieve the highest scores in SATS, high school classes, and show that you are dedicated. Other than that, your essay, gpa, and SAT/ACT scores showcase your work habits and intelligence pretty well. Whether the parents push the students to be their best or not, students either have the grades and overall character to get in or not. In the cases students are not able to get into the college of their choice, community college represents a great alternative to a university or distinguished college. Whiel it might not be a student's dream school, it gives you the basics and groundwork to succeed in the same ways as an Ivy League student is able to. I also agree when you say, "Such pressure can be counterproductive, generating students who look great, but in reality rely on “easy A’s” or test preparation courses. But, I also believe that getting in or not getting into a certain college does not change your entire future. It is ultimately up to the student to work to their full potential if they hold such high goals, but if it doesn't pay off in the end there are always doable and reasonable alternatives openly available to them.Since there is no clear black and white, the process set in place is one of quality and gives a good, portrayal of an applicant's overall character, intelligence, and work ethic.
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2011 on College Admissions at Kayla Ferreira's blog
I agree with Schwartz in his article when he says that getting into certain schools is more of a competition rather than a true depiction of one’s strengths and weaknesses. From birth, some parents want the best for their children. While that is understandable, some parents go too far out... Continue reading
Posted Apr 13, 2011 at rachel mowery's blog
I also admire your hero. When young people are looked upon as heroes it gives me hope for the world, that we can make somethign better for ourselves. Selfless individuals like Shin inspire others to do the same and devote our time and energy to those who need us. With the opportunities we are given, it is our responsibility to share our blessings and help others. "During his sophomore year of college, Shin traveled to Honduras and was taken back by the poverty that engulfed the town. Thus, he created an organization, Students Helping Honduras, which allowed fundraisers and students to bring education and projects to those in need. Such an experience was “eye opening” and proved successful after much fighting. Over the past five years, Shin has raised $750,000 for funding, construction, and education." As sophomores, my classmates and I lived normal lives, going out, going to school, and living selfish lives. Shin as a sophomore did so much more than that. His acts show the young people of the world that we too can make a difference and be heroes, even at our age. IT is in the young people where the most hope is held and this hope can truly make the world a better place and make us happier indiviudals by volunteering our time and energy to those who are less fortunate than us.
From the top ten CNN heroes, Betty Makoni stood out the most to me. I believe protecting the powerless is one of the greatest acts of human kindness, and she is doing just that. As the founder of the Girl Child Network, she has provided a safe haven for girls... Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2011 at rachel mowery's blog
I also disagree with Him Hedemark's statement when he says "the kind of thing that should probably be learned at home". To get a proper depiction and understanding of handling finances, I believe a course in high school is absolutely necessary. Without this, students enter college/the working force/the "real world" with little to no knowledge of what to spend their money on, how to budget, what they need and don't need, and putting money away for the future. This skill is crucial to succeeding in life. Regardless of what job you may have, everyone needs to budget their money, whether you are very wealthy or very poor. This skill is universal and without it, our economy would be destroyed. You make a very good point when you state, "If handling money becomes a life skill after college, why shouldn’t it be seen as a necessary life skill while still in high school? The earlier we are conditioned on a single skill, the better we will grasp the concepts later in life." You are absolutely true and the choice to implement this course in high schools is somewhat obvious. I am surprised only 15 high schools require this course, but definitely believe as the years pass, more and more high schools will begin to do the same. Hopefully Bishop Connolly will take the lead of other high schools and teach their students these skills to ultimately help them lead a more successful and financial savvy life.
I believe financial education in high schools would be beneficial and helpful in students’ success. While people have gone into the real world without a financial education, they have found ways to learn and make a living whether it be in business or any other job. But, in order to... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2011 at rachel mowery's blog
Amidst war, unrest.... etc. giving to Haiti is definitely a positive and important thing for this country. Not only does it show that the American people care to share their wealth with the less fortunate, but showcases teh human dignity each person possesses. While the United States does have economic problems and disagreements, we are extremely blessed and fortunate compared to the people of Haiti. "The least we can do is help out underprivileged people inflicted by this disaster. If we were in such a situation as those are in Haiti, we would seek help from neighboring countries too. Those in Haiti are human beings, just like anyone else. They are worthy of respect and help since they cannot help themselves." This could not be more true. I think American people need to really think about this and put themselves in the shoes of the people of Haiti. Modernization is also very necessary in this case. Simply giving aid and money is not enough. To prevent further damage from anotehr earthquake, we have to build stronger buildings that can withstand earthquakes better. If not, a tragedy will occur again and we will be faced with he same decision and disasters. While we cannot prevent earthquakes from occuring, we can absolutely work to prevent the damage and give these underprivileged people a better place to live in.
While the earthquake in Haiti was tragic and disastrous, I do not believe it occurred due to the extreme poverty in the nation. The earthquake was a natural disaster that we have no control over. Earthquakes are not caused to take out poverty, but occur due to simple shifting of... Continue reading
Posted Mar 21, 2011 at rachel mowery's blog
While Doyle does make some good points, I agree with your opinion. Nowadays there are countless ways to afford college whether it be financial aid or random/merit scholarships. Affording college should not be an issue because even if you have a small income you are given the greatest amount of financial aid, and if it is still not enough there is always community college to turn to. College is what you make of it, as is elementary, middle, and high school. While times are different than thirty, forty years ago I think the bigger issue is that students have just gotten lazy and there are more opportunities and temptations to check out of school even at an early age. Therefore it is the school system and the teachers that should be modified. And yes, if everybody was getting a college degree things would be drastically different. But, it is ultimately up to the individual to further their education or not. "This man also wants to change how neighborhoods are set up, and to remove the burden of homework from students. Again, I could see why he would want to do this, but he needs to look at the big picture. Changing the set-up of neighborhoods is not a simple or cheap task, so again, money comes into play." As for neighborhoods, instead of spending money and going into debt by simply creating a better environment, wouldn't it be more intelligent to spend that money within schools so that students in need can receive a better education? While homework is at times tedious, it carries an important role in learning the most out of the topic and furthering your knowledge outside the classroom. It also represents an important lesson in the amount of effort put into something.
While the author explains that life was much more carefree and “freer” (Doyle) 30, 40, 50 years ago, I ultimately disagree with his opinion to change laws to make schools less demanding and easier for students, and recreate that “old world”. Yes, students in this day in age have countless... Continue reading
Posted Mar 10, 2011 at rachel mowery's blog
I also agree this is one of the greatest inventions of 2010. Even though the Ipad is pretty cool, nothing is better than improving someone's life and outlook on life as well. With these legs, a person is not only given the chance to walk, but a gift of hope as well. Especially for a person that has been restricted for so long, they can live life wihtout being constantly held back by their disability. While the Ipad and Iphone are both brilliant inventions, they get old. Apple is always coming out with something "better" and "faster", which will eventually become obsolete. But, giving paralyzed individuals the chance to walk will forever be appreciated and always be important. While some people their life may be over after being paralyzed, it's not becasue now there is hope to walk again. "Another reason why this is a great invention is because we begin to recognize the steps towards making a better community." This is also very true. The fact that we have invented this as a society shows what is truly important to us and our compassion for those with disabilities. Through our generosity and care we can make their lives better, but only if we try.
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2011 on Invention of the Year at Barbosa729's blog
There were many compelling inventions in 2010, but lab grown lungs seemed very interesting to me. Instead of creating a toy or new technology, lab grown lungs have the potential to save a life with more research and improvements. While the Ipad was popular all around the world and paralyzed... Continue reading
Posted Mar 4, 2011 at rachel mowery's blog
Our childhood really was a great experience. We had fun, but also used our imagination. I also remember getting the privelege to go shopping at Toys R Us, and I went crazy. I still remember wanting all the stuffed animals and boardgames. Playing pageant was the absolute best. That is definitely a fond memory of mine, and even though we played it soooooo much, it was fun every time. Ha I still remember setting up adoption agencies, playing school, and playing doctor. Life was so simple back then. We were all so close to our friends and had fun with little drama like children at that age face today. I definitely am grateful for my childhood and the friends I had. While toys played a roll in my "happiness", it was really the experiences I had with my friends that i truly look back on. Even to this day, I will never forget what life once was, and the simplicity of just playing with toys and creating scenarios with your friends. I definitely think it was a vital eky of the growing up process, and helped me be the person I am today.
My favorite childhood toy was my MyScene Barbie dolls. Every one of my friends had one, and once I got my first one, I just started collecting them. I would play with them everyday and create my own scenarios. I bought clothes, and cars, and houses for them, and thought... Continue reading
Posted Feb 18, 2011 at rachel mowery's blog
Natasha, many of your points are true. For example when you say, “There are other students that have to balance other extracurriculars such as theater, music, math team, etc. Many students also have part-time jobs and obligations to their family. If athletes are granted that unfair advantage, then all students should be. Isn’t that just passing all students because they are busy?”, I completely agree. In the world today, you have to work very hard for the things that are important to you, in all walks of life. When things get tough, you just have to work harder, and if it is too much to handle then you need to take a reality check and figure out if it is what you truly should be doing. This is happening much too often within high schools and colleges, and people with authority such as coaches, teachers, guidance counselors are brushing it aside and ignoring the pressing fact. It has definitely become a problem. But, at the same time I believe that there are exceptions. While in high school it is important to get good grades and not cheat, college is a different ballgame. When a student enters college they usually have some idea what they want to do with their lives. It is where your future begins and where you start to set goals for yourself. In the case of professional college athletes, they intend to make their sport their career. While cheating and plagiarizing is never acceptable, if the student is working hard, but simply not getting good enough grades, I believe they should be given the benefit of a doubt simply. But, at the same time, if they are not putting in the time or handing in work, it is then that penalties should be given.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2011 on Athletes at Natasha Khoury's blog
I believe we all have different callings in life, whether it is going to college for 8 years to become a doctor, going to business school, or even being a professional athlete. These are all dreams and aspirations of thousands of students all throughout the United States that should not... Continue reading
Posted Feb 11, 2011 at rachel mowery's blog
Understanding and knowledgeable are both very important positive traits for a teacher to have. You are right, sometimes things do go wrong such as sickness and days absent, but if the student is willing to make up the work I believe the teacher should give him or her an opportunity to do so. While many teachers know a lot about their certain subject, they lack full understanding and don't think and teach outside of the box. For a student to truly get something out of the class, they have to trust that the teacher knows what he or she is talking about, or else they will not take them seriously. I think Catholic schools especially hire any one they can get their hands on, such as student teachers, which has an effect on the depth of the student's education that they are paying for. I agree with you when you say that some teachers simply do not offer many grades for each quarter, and do not allow the student to reach their full potential and fix their mistakes. This is both unfair to the student who is working hard and maybe gets one bad test grade, that completely brings his grade down. As for laziness and teachers who lack creativity or care, is also a problem in today's school system. If the teachers aren't motivating the students then who is?
Looking back on the past twelve years, I have had a vast array of different teachers; teachers that I could tell loved what they did, and teachers who only did what was necessary for the “subject”. Coming across all kinds of teachers has given me great respect for them and... Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2011 at rachel mowery's blog
Your celebrity is also an inspiration to me as well. She lives her life with comedy and is always happy. She doesn’t let the drama of being a celebrity or the countless attacks against her affect her. Her motivation and determination throughout the years has not failed and she represents such an important person in a world filled with war, sadness, and evil. Her job is to make people laugh and brighten their day. That gift alone has changed the world. Influential people like Ellen go beyond being famous, but represent the epitome of being a role model for millions of people. To me, there couldn’t be a better job than that making people’s lives brighter through a simple show. I also respect the way she is always herself. She dances the way she wants, she loves the way she wants, and she says what she wants. She is completely comfortable with herself and it is very evident. Her generosity also goes above and beyond of many others. While she is wealthy, she donates to charity and presents her audience with many presents. Ultimately, she gives back to the community which is such an important part of being a celebrity in my opinion. Through the past few months there have been student suicides and Ellen has done nothing but advocate acceptance and explain over and over again how each person is important and worth it. Her influence is enough to save a student contemplating suicide, to make a person’s day happier, or to change a person’s life completely. I hope to have some kind of influence like this throughout my life.
If I were to pick a celebrity I would pick Oprah Winfrey. While many celebrities are portrayed in a negative light, she has always been a positive role model for millions of people. She has touched many people with her show and the people she chooses to interview. While she... Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2011 at rachel mowery's blog
In my opinion, the pros of Facebook definitely outweigh the cons. But, it is still important to acknowledge the risk and to post information with caution. Many teenager are oblivious though, and post pointless Notes and posts that people will "like", instead of what they truly want, as you speak of. Facebook is public, and even with strict privacy policies, both young children and adults must understand this. For example, if their information comes back to haunt them, only then will they realize the danger of posting anything at any given time. Since Facebook is a social network, people can be anyone they want to be, and while this is appealing, people come off the wrong way sometimes. If anyone posts anything negative against another fights occur and drama infiltrates the site. Girls, especially, can get offended by many of the things Facebook has to offer. But, at the same time, Facebook connects soldiers to their families back home, teenagers in college to their parents, old friends who haven't seen each other in years, and other family members one might not see often. Furthermore, this is a huge step in connecting the whole world through a simple click of a button. It is fast and easy, and provides connections to millions of people all around the world. Without Facebook, all of our lives would be very different, if one thinks about it. It is a crucial part of our society in this day in age and is a must for anyone entering high school to anyone who wants to connect with an old friend. Facebook was solely created to connect people to one another through the web, and just like there are people in this world with the wrong motives, it is our job to keep our eyes open and protect our the information we choose to give out.
While Facebook is a brilliant creation founded by Mark Zuckerberg, there are many cons to this widespread social network. First of all, the amount of information a “friend” of yours can see online brings about a privacy issue. While most of your friends know you by name, many people accept... Continue reading
Posted Jan 6, 2011 at rachel mowery's blog