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Our son just turned three and is obsessed with his penis. He doesn't understand the concept of private/alone time or places yet. So, at the advice of daycare workers, we found some onesies in his size (thankfully he is small for his age) and he wears them under his close. They're like a toddler chastity belt. And they work. We'll keep working on private/alone time for when he does want to explore that area. Until then it's onesies to the rescue.
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My son had surgery at 3 months and another one at 2.5 yrs. Both times were gutting for me. When he was 3 months the nurse had to rip him out of my arms to take him to surgery and he left screaming. The more recent surgery my husband took him into the operating theatre - I knew I couldn't handle it - and had to hold him down with the nurses as they sedated him. Needless to say my kid is not a big fan of doctors or needles. He gets pretty cagey at the doctor's office or hospital. I'm sure having your newborn fall sick just a day or so post-partum is a similarly gutting feeling. All those hormones and your fresh little one getting sick and stuck with a needle. :( So glad you are writing this and we already know there is a happy ending.
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You are so smart to hire post-partum help. I wish instead of spending money on baby crap - clothes, useless 'soothing' toys, etc - I had hired someone to help out with our newborn and around the house. I did have some family help, and my husband, but not nearly what I could have used. It's a myth that women are supposed to do it all with a newborn. We're supposed to be living in tribes with our own mothers and great aunts and grandmothers around to soothe and hold a newborn, bring the new mother meals and let her rest. Life in the first world in 2012 doesn't really support that concept. So hire help if you can. PS. I had a labor doula. She was fantastic. My only regret is not hiring her for post-partum help.
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Love reading Vancouver props! Great spot to be with a newborn too. I have a now 2.5 yr old and walked the Vancouver sea wall A LOT when he was very young. Fresh air and motion are great nap inducers. We just moved from their to a small island in the UK 10 months ago. Oh how I miss my Vancouver. Enjoy!
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