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Rachel Morey
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ah, you are a sweet man! but you assume hy-vee would be willing to regularly stock locally grown/produced items. and they do, but only a teeny tiny little bit. they publicize the hell out of the tiny bits, but you can't walk in with your list, and walk out with a whole lotta local stuff. using the aussie and keeping their message stupid, i mean, simple, lets them off the hook. and gives me a real good reason to avoid them. iowa cooks and food lovers aren't hy-vee shoppers. hy-vee won't get us using the aussie. their campaign is about as attractive to a foodie as jarred baby food would be as an entree.
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2011 on Hy-Vee...What if? at Zane Safrit
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Jul 10, 2011